Video of SWAT Raid on Missouri Family

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PaulO, May 5, 2010.

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    I don't think Anarchy would ever define the practical definition IRL.:p
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    All videos in this thread are heavily biased. We see one bad thing and make the assumption that all cops are corrupt. No. It is because you don't see the countless amount of good things the cops do for your county/state/province/country. I do believe some cities have corrupt cops that aren't prosecuted for crimes, so we end up having a few bad apples ruin the reputation for the rest of them.

    That 'largest street gang' video is pretty nasty. Ofcourse this video is biased. It only shows the negative/bad responses.

    You people should take a trip to the Philippines, now that is a corrupt police force. Too bad their women are so hot, otherwise I wouldn't pay to ship my bride to me and wet the palm of the police officers to avoid looking in cargo crate #23.
  3. Albain New Member

    Valor you are so FUCKING FAR off base here it is not even funny man.

    So you are saying pitbulls are bad kill it, maybe we should kill any black person we see on sight becuase "THEY ARE BAD ".

    I have a fucking Pitbull sweetest thing that ever lived would never hurt a fly.

    This was the biggest Mickey Mouse, big dick, bogus, bullshit "BIG DRUG BUST" abuse of power I have seen in a long while, what a fucking crock.

    Police found a grinder, a pipe and a small amount of marijuana, shot two dogs upon entering Whitworth’s home.

    I knew from the first Seconds of the video this was not a "DRUG HOUSE" or if it was the SWAT was as inept as they proved to be.

    No way would you raid an actual building in the manner they did it was beyond Amatuer.

    At least they didn't shoot his 7 year old kid or his Wife.

    I am not going to go into the proper protocols and the like, that "should" of been used.

    Valor you know me pretty well and some of my past "hobbies" I feel I am more then qualified to say, "That was complete and utter garbage."

    I AM SHOCKED that they actually had a warrant to enter the premises.
  4. Von.Manstein New Member

    I'm oh so glad I get to live here in the Bay Area where I can legally smoke pot, grow it, and even sell it within a certain context (with a strong potential of full legality come the November elections). It's completely not a big deal once you get to buy it in a store, and it makes you wonder what all the hooplah is about.

    And for the record, I work a professional job very well, am in very good shape (6'1", massively broad-shouldered, over 240 lbs, strong as a bull, and built like a brick shit house), and live a balanced/healthy lifestyle. I'm far from the lazy pothead shit you usually hear about from prick "war on drugs" law enforcement types, who really only support that "war" since it's job security for unnecessary cops and prisons, while it does horrible damage at home and even worse damage in Latin America.
  5. Von.Manstein New Member

    It's not even close as to dangerous. In fact, it's actually quite healthy in the proper context. I've been using medical marijuana for the last 9 months or so to help me sleep after years of battling insomnia. After having this condition slowly sap away at my energy, health, and productivity, it's been a breath of fresh air to be able to sleep a regular schedule. I've become much healthier, calmer, and more productive as a result.

    At first, it seemed kinda weird. In all honesty, however, Ambien has far worse side effects and is prone to far more severe abuse than cannabis ever could be, yet it's prescribed constantly by mainstream physicians. Even my family living in other parts of the country are supportive of me at this point.

    I'm also fairly anti-alcohol, and only drink small amounts socially, as alcohol both robs your body of nutrients and lowers your testosterone levels. Marijuana can very certainly be considered healthy when used properly and responsibly, and even when abused, it's not horribly harmful, either.

    And yeah, I agree that K2 shit is scary. There really shouldn't even be a need for it to exist anways, not to mention...
  6. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    i'll give you oakland, but just as a little reference, in case you forgot about 2005, how people in france feel about police brutality:

    Friday, July 16th 2010

    “It’s a very good area,” says Lorette Devos, a local pensioner who says she sat in her flat at night listening to the crackle of shots but couldn’t bring herself to look out the window. “Even the young people – they open doors and they respect me. I’ve lived here for 11 years and I never saw anything like it[the riots].”

    [...] many of the flats are owned by middle-class residents.

    The incident that lit the fuse was the death of Karim Boudouda, a 27-year-old local man who was shot dead by police last Thursday after he allegedly took part in the armed robbery of a casino. The local prosecutor said police acted in legitimate self-defence after they were fired on three times following a car chase that ended near the flat complex where Boudouda lived in Villeneuve.

    Within hours of Boudouda’s death, a rumour began to circulate in Villeneuve that he was shot while lying on the ground, and then kicked by officers.

    “I’m not making excuses for Karim,” says Tsouria. “But he was the same age as my little brother, and he was a nice man. [...]"

    At least 50 cars were burnt and police were fired on.

    Around 15 cars were burnt out during a second night of rioting on Saturday.
  7. Morals Lord

    your all a bunch of pussies.

    I would have shot the kid and fucked the wife.
  8. Daemon Lord


    doublely awesome coming from someone going by the handle of Morals. :)
  9. Cops did the smart thing by taking the pitbull down, adrenaline prolly accounted for the other dog. No people shouldn't get raided for having a small amount of pot in their possession.

    This is your reward for you, your father, and your fathers father spending the last century facilitating the creation of a police state. Now you've got three options: Deal with it. Agitate for change. Or GTFO.
  11. Blackops Member

    LOL thanks for the wakeup entertainment guys :pP
  12. STFU NOOB! :p
  13. Morals Lord

    Anyone who knows me, knows im completely lacking Morals
  14. Kenai Lord

    I can vouch that he has none.
  15. Sex while wasted = a fucking mess.
    Sex while high/stoned = a-fucking-mazing. (when you get a full blow body high :p)

    If you disagree with this... Then you really are doing it wrong. The best sex I've had was while high. (for both of us)

    If you have never experienced it... I really recommend you do so, as I can not explain something so amazing with words.
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    But for $50 and some stamps, Sal will show you.
  17. I walked into that one... :p
  18. Macho New Member

    The bottom line is that if the officer feels threatened in any way, he can use reasonable force. As a general precedent, courts are very lenient towards police discretion in destruction of property, which is technically all the dogs are.

    In this sort of situation, animals do not have any rights, and unless the officer says something like "tell me where the drugs are or i'll shoot your dog" they aren't going to be held liable of conversion of the animal or intentional infliction of emotional distress to the owners.

    Were the cops dicks? Yeah maybe. Should the cops have been dicks? Well, that depends. The illusion that the protections in a society can function correctly without occasionally wronging the innocent is really euphemistic and tends to be propagated by people who don't understand how bad, bad really can be. Cops should try not to be dicks, but they have to be able to be dicks so that they can do their job. No matter how much you think you hate cops, the reality is that you probably want them to be able to do their job. Cops are one of those professions that everyone hates until they need them, but if they need them they cant love them enough.

    My opinion is that this jackass family should have taken the time to secure their fucking dogs instead of being so focused on making a video with what seems like the planned intention of making the police look bad.
  19. Have baby, tether baby to dog. Dog has hostage now. Cops no shoot.
  20. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member

    Yes, they will, if the baby poses a threat. It gave them the stank eye.

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