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  1. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    PrivateInternetAccess.com offers 1-Year of Private Internet Access VPN Service for $29 (New Customers Only). T

    Note: This is valid for 12-months ($2.42 per month).

    • Secure VPN Account
    • Encrypted WiFi
    • P2P and VoIP Support
    • PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec
    • Multiple VPN Gateways
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • SOCKS5 Proxy Included
    • No traffic logs
    • Instant Setup

    We have been using them and have no complaints. They have a mobile app also - which is kinda nice.
  2. Dozel Member

    well Sanjo let's work together. if i could switch to both of these i want to. so with the private internet i would be able to connect to the internet remotely as well if i have the mobile app? how long have they been in business? and how much would it cost after my first two years?

    i just heard about this Android TV Box, 140$ ish


    Assuming the minimum life of the box is 2 years just like your computer, below is a comparison between the box and your cable in a two-year span,
    Android TV Box: PAY $140 and GET Countless updated movies & TV shows & live channels
    Basic Cable + Movie On Demand: PAY $1,100 and GET basic channels & 100 movies

    This box if Fully loaded and ready to use!
    Get rid of your Cable!!
    Watch in HD.
    Every Movie or TV Series you can think of and more is on this box, no monthly fees.
    Watch TV series from Season one to current episode!
    Save money and get more.
    Free Movies.
  3. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    Android boxes ftw! Apple TV is awful
  4. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    Kind of unrelated - but related to the appletv, android stuff:

    I got tired of paying Comcast and their bullshit technology fees and hardware rentals so this last year I built my own.

    I'm saving over $30 a month just on the DVR and their extra $15 technology bullshit fee.

    Setting it up was a process - but it's been working trouble free for a while now and we LOVE it compared to the old comcast DVR box.

    I cut my yearly comcast bill by almost $550 a year!

    I get way more options, can stream to 4 TV's in the house at once and record up to 16 shows at the same time (comcast capped you at 2 recording at once and would cause program clipping on the last/first few minutes of shows that recorded back to back) this issue is GONE with the HTPC DVR.

    I get a multistream cable card FREE with our comcast. We pay $75 a month for 20/10 internet and 200+ channel digital HD cable and the HTPC takes care of everything.

    It has a guide that WAAAAY better than any comcast TC guide I've used and you can filter, search and play entire folders of shit (like for the kids I can go to their library of recorded shows and pick say... sesame street - then click play all random order. Give us time to clean, cook or be bad parents and play video games :)

    If you are tired of getting fucked in the ass by your cable provider - I would be happy to educate you in the ways of the HTPC.
  5. Lake Warlord

    I got one straight from a China company that auto updates software so you don't fall behind on application updates. The box is amazing but the real winner is the applications there that give you any and everything you want to watch
  6. Dozel Member

    Ive also heard about nord vpn and golden frogs vypr vpn.. which is better ?

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