Vulcun - Weekly League of Legends Fantasy Drafts For Money

Discussion in 'League of Legends' started by Jbigg, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Current Code to use "BioGyver" just introduced referring friends.

    If you use the Promo Code "JBIGG" (done) when you register you would get 100% first deposit bonus and I would get a 20$ referral if you actually put money in and play.

    This uses the whole "play to earn your bonus" shit that poker sites use fyi.


    I received a 20 dollar bonus for someone using my promo depositing.
    here is the next guy that posted here.

    Signed up using 'JBIGG' and not my Code is BioGyver lol
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  2. Viphre Lord

    This is rather interesting though, if you can draft good can earn you some nice pocket money from this.
  3. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Yeah a lot of their payouts are like double up or tripple up, so the odds to cash in those are pretty good since you only have to beat the percentage of people that have no idea.

    They also offer multiple entry's so people that are trying to make money with this normally will put in 10-20 entries into these tournaments.
  4. BioGyver Member

    very interesting
  5. BioGyver Member

    Signed up using JBIGG and not my Code is BioGyver lol
  6. BioGyver Member

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