Welcome the LotD Crownjaws, our Season 4 LoL Ranked Team!

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    Season 4 has started and it's time for Lords of the Dead to put its skills to the test! Watch us dominate this season as we stream all of our games on twitch.tv!

    LotD has begun its journey into Season 4 Ranked Play!
    Last night, five of Lords of the Dead's League of Legends chapter members made great headway into Season 4 ranked play, playing its first two ranked games of the season. After a couple of shaky starts, LotD Crownjaws scored two decisive victories, setting the tempo for the rest of the season. With set play days three times a week, LotD members will have plenty of chances to come cheer on their team. Watch out for our streams on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday at 7PM EST!

    Meet the Team
    Top Lane: @I Cobalt I (Akrobatix)
    Cobalt has made a strong showing in the top lane, winning most matchups despite some unconventional picks and difficult lane pairings. LotD is lucky to have such a solid and versatile top laner to help carry the team to victory.

    Mid Lane: @Jbigg (ElStain)
    Jbigg is a long time LotD member that has been making incredible plays with his Ziggs play this season, making a drastic change in lineups from his Season 3 Cho'Gath and Jayce picks. LotD expect great things from Jay Bigous this season so come and watch him drop bombs!

    Jungle: @perilX (perilX)

    Peril is new to the jungler role, switching over from his role as LotD's support last season. While some growing pains still exist, Peril is making his way to becoming the role playing jungler LotD needs at the moment.

    Marksman: @Lake (Lakez)
    Lake joined LotD in the off-season before Season 3 as a top laner for one of our two ranked teams. Since then, Lake has made great effort to become a solid member of LotD and our ranked team. Now at the Marksman role, Lake has been putting in a lot of work to master his lane with his lane partner, Daemon.

    Support: @Daemon (irDaemon)
    Daemon, a long-time member of LotD, is the longest standing support player in the LotD camp. Picking up the mantle of starting support, Daemon has been putting in game after game to try and make sure he is as solid as can be. With a new Marksman by his side, Daemon will be working on getting in sync with Lake and dominating the bot lane, one cannon minion at a time.

    Come watch us play on Sun, Mon and Wed at 7PM EST!

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  2. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Great read Peril and definitely highlight these matches every Monday and Wednesday so people can easily find and watch the streams!!!
  3. Ren Elder

    Great write up- good luck fellas!
  4. Obitrice Warlord

    I'm looking forward to more epic LoL videos like this:

  5. DarkGod Lord

    can someone records tonights match? I dont get home until 8:00 EST ;/
  6. Lake Warlord

    I'm going to start streaming our practices/ ranked matches tomorrow

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