What counters baneling and zergling rush as a terran

Discussion in 'Zerg Discussion' started by Xenogrant[Combine], Aug 30, 2010.

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  5. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    To clear up my intentions by using "all in".

    I classify all in as any strategy that is dependent on secrecy. If your baneling nest gets scouted the wall will be improved or another wall added, putting you as the person that used an all in strategy at a disadvantage in the current game.

    I think its a common misconception to think that all in means you automatically lose if you use a strategy and it doesn't work. You should have ample scouting yourself and realize your opponent is prepared for the attack and pull out before losing your entire force, You do not automatically lose, but you are behind.

    In this case if I scout a barracks factory wall or a double wall, I would retreat and research burrow, implementing mine fields at choke points (2 banelings can kill 30 marines and 7 banelings will one shot a group of marauders) and also burrow 4-6 banelings at their expansion locations depending how many upgrades I have( 2 ground attack upgrades allow banelings to one shot a group of drones or probes, while you need 3 upgrades to kill scvs)

    As you can tell from my example I do not automatically lose the game from going this strategy but the initial intentions of my build will not work and I will have to adapt and need time to research burrow before my banelings will be back in the game. The opponent will be wary of banelings and hold the finger over the stim key as to not get hit and destroy my banelings otherwise.

    Note: other options for banelings involving more tech would be evolving a lair and getting baneling speed or carrying for overlords.
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    This was meant to clear up my original post as it came to my attention that my intentions of using "all in" in my original response may be misconstrued. I guess it was a bit lengthy for a clean up.

    I then went on to demonstrate ways a zerg, I play zerg, may take after a failed baneling build. Using this information a reader can know some zerg strategies to look out for and what to prepare for if they do indeed stop the initial baneling and zergling push.

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