What counters baneling and zergling rush as a terran

Discussion in 'Zerg Discussion' started by Xenogrant[Combine], Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Kotoll Lord

    Gotta say I usually watch these impressed but this is a horrible video. A good Zerg player will get in an attack around the 3 min mark. Watch the video and see how long it takes to get a defense. Absolutely a bad idea.

    So as a player that loses most of his matches against zerg do we have any other videos :p
  2. Kotoll Lord

    Horrible. Almost 5 mins to get the first terran defender/attacker up. Would never work.
  3. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    =P This is what most terran pros open with against zerg, this map just gives the illusion of it not being that effective because...

    1) the ramp is bigger than any other 1v1 map, as stated in the video. On all the other maps, as far as I recall, your barracks/factory will wall you in. Notice he dropped his factory right at 3 minute, which you pointed out as a crucial attack time for zerg.

    2) The reason why this still works for this map is because the map has an EXTREMELY long ground distance between bases. As you keep playing you will realize that most builds are dependant on the map more so than a match up.

    3) With enough scouting you will be aware of an incoming attack.. "Oh shit he 10 pooled" or "he is building 6 lings now that his 14 pool just finished" could easliy be countered by building another barracks up front and completing the wall.

    4) NO amount of zerglings can out dps your scv's repairing these structures.

    5) and once your helions are out, all his zerglings die. Assuming he didn't get zergling speed right away... but that would mean he went gas then pool which we assumed he did not do from the early pressure.
  4. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    By the way, a lot of builds will make you say "Oh look how easy that was to defend I should keep doing my build just like this!", but the best builds are those that can barely beat your opponents attack. using your extra minerals for expansions/tech.

    If you stomped your opponents first push, most likely he is the one who expanded and if your counterattack doesn't succeed, You are screwed.
  5. Kotoll Lord

    Hmm i'll test it more and see if my factory is going out later than 3 mins.
  6. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Tip: if you build your barracks right before your refinery finishes, and saturate it when it completes you should have almost exactly 100 gas when your barracks finishes.

    that goes for zerg as well, for those who want fast zergling speed or fast lair.

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