What game was your first experience at PvP?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Salvatore, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Dharkaron Guest

    my very first mmo was UO, on chessie with Oinland (went to college with some of the original core and the GM), and then Agent Orange got us into AC DT when it was released, and that was probably the most fun I've ever had in an MMO until it was ruined by the carebears.

    As far as FPS goes, I think my first was Duke Nukem 3D, and Doom.
  2. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    Hmm do Barbarians (C64) and Street Fighter 2 (SNES) count?

    Otherwise it would be, well, Guild Wars, as I didn't like 1st Person Games (e.g. Shooters), because Ultima Underworld II had cause me a little psychosis back then, can't stand not to see whats behind me, and when MMORPGs came out it frightened me to get Eye-Cancer by those Graphics and I didn't understand why I should pay even 15 more bucks a month for that (now I do).
  3. Detritus Lord

    Did anyone here play any of the networked DOOR games back in the BBS days? Trade Wars 2000, Solar Realms Elite, Baron Realms Elite, etc... Although they were mostly just text like MUDs with some ascii/ansi art they were probably the closest thing to MMOs at the time since they connected people from local hubs (BBS) to other hubs in an inter-network. I lived in the 408 which, being the heart of the Silicon Valley, had a ton of BBSes and many of them were part of national networks that at ~2am would dial into other parts of the network and update game moves/scores/etc... so the next day you logged in you'd see what everyone else had done. These could be huge games with hundreds of players, especially Solar Relams and Trade Wars that always attracted a crowd. At the time the notion of "PVE/PVP" didn't even factor in, you were just expected to kill everything that opposed you. If you wanted to be on the national scoreboard, the opposition to that goal was other players. There were even "forums" in the form of FidoNet (a precursor to Usenet) that were similarly networked so that people from all over could discuss the game. I don't rememeber anyone whining about getting PKed while trying to have a tea party, or claiming that something needed to be nerfed.

    Back in my day we were just happy to have a massively multiplayer game to play, and would walk 5 miles through the snow to do so. You kids today and your internet don't know how good you've got it and all you do is complain! Meh! Get off my grass!
  4. Quinna Lord

    That's Gold!

    Back in my day i used to get home blind drunk after most nights of the week and make awesomely stupid posts about my life to many random people i didn't really know to well, kinda similar to Meph's last fidelity post but way way funnier and stupider!

    Sadly i haven't grown up and am totally not funny anymore. But stupid...... yes sir!
  5. Palebrew Inactive Elder

    Was this before or after you washed off the make up?
  6. Mephiston Guest

    Now that I think about it.. did anyone besides me ever play Spy vs. Spy for NES? that game was built around 1v1 fighting. You run around setting traps for each other and if you get lucky you find a weapon to take on the other guy directly.

    Fun game based on MAD's spy vs spy.
  7. Quinna Lord

    I don't remember! What's the point of making an ass of yourself if your going to remember it?

    The only Spy vs Spy i ever played was on my Commodore 64 or Amstrad pc.
  8. Laaritan New Member

    yall are old
  9. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    The VERY first pvp i ever did was on Multi-User Domains... MUD's for the kids who dont know. Telnet based game all text, fast paced and fights lasted seconds as opposed to minutes. The one's i played was Godwars based, and i was typically the demon(with 4 arms).

    Fun Fun
  10. Laaritan New Member

    I just cant see how yall could do MUD's, I tried to play one once and I just couldnt
  11. thorizdin Administrator

    It really depends on how far back you want to push your definitions. War games like Wooden Ships & Iron Men, Battle Tech (before it sucked), and assorted others took up a lot of my time. Play by mail games were also very PvP oriented, tho I can't remember the name of the one I actually liked.
  12. Hrrrrmmm

    The oldest I can remeber is the versus mode in Double Dragon for the NES.

    For PC games its was probably Aliens vs Predator.
  13. Azaazel Banned

    Good ole UO back when the game first came out. The game was the best game ever, Drad days owned all and I would still be playing it if it was like the old days. I've never felt like I did back then with any game as of today.
  14. Laaritan New Member

    I hear this all the time and wish I had played online games when this was at its peek
  15. Phate Guest

    Descent....the first one, mega missiles and all. Connected directly by dialing a friend's home phone.
  16. sprock Lord

    I Played gemstone III as well....Long time ago.
  17. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Remember I had a sugar Momma back then (the blonde) so I got a discount on my rent!

    Thor and I were major Diablo hackers. Nowdays I couldn't program for shit, but back then it was easier.

    My first MMORPG PVP experience was on AOL Neverwinter Nights. I was fighting against a guild called KAAOS (www.kaaos.com) and thought they had big mouths. I ended up joining the Guild of Chaos (GOC) which was the PVP counterweight to KAAOS, doing a lot of fighting, and its how I met Nighty a.k.a (Nightrealm).

    Those experiences in NWN are what lead me to form LotD in 1995, and have the know how to keep an organized PVP guild alive through the years. Back then PVP was more about skill and less about numbers. Guilds like LotD, KAAOS, GOC, etc got away with massive trash talk on forums because we could very easily back it up.

    In recent years, LotD has become more "politically correct" because that's what it takes to get in good with Dev studios and get alpha/beta invites. However I am still the hard nosed, trash talking, kick your teeth down your throat type player and I'll flame the hell out of anyone if I have a good enough reason.
  18. koto Lord

    My first PvP was CoH ;D
  19. Hunch New Member

    Yur all a bunch of roookies. Played Subspace beta - 1994 (logged 1700 hours the 1st year) - average daily kill tallied 200+ Longest online run without sleep - 36 hours

    Ran a clan called NBK (Natural Born Killers) but finally moved on to UO and joined BCK when SS went bust.

    Those early days were a blast.
  20. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    AOL 'freeform' RPGing in the 'Lands of Rhydin.' Death matches that meant the loser had to delete that screen name. Crazy!

    That was 1993. These days, if you kill someone in PvP, they just lose 5 minutes running back.

    First graphical PvP was DSO in '95. Hades was GoC, I started Guild of Serpents, fucked up some Mercs, got fucked up a bit, took a small break, came back and showed Hades who the man is (that's me) and I've been LotD since.

    Almost 12 years and games just get worse. And our members get older. And I'm the only one that gets wiser with age around here. :p

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