What game was your first experience at PvP?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Salvatore, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Mephiston Guest

    For online games it was DSO.. mainly having my lvl 7 fighter getting gangraped by TM.

    For videogames in general it was River City Ransom whenever me or the other player got bored of beating up the npc characters.

    I miss RCR. :(

    Wait..no.. first pvp ever would be the old NES ice hockey game where you had the three types of players(skinny, average, fat). I used to love picking fights in that.
  2. Jou Lord

    my first real all PVP game was Battletech MUX 3056. . . god that was a long time ago. Before that I did the MUSH and MUD stuff, but real time btech in text was crazy good stuff.
  3. Shagbot Member

    Tribes 1 in '98 or thereabout, and I still play Tribes 2 on a daily basis to this day.

    Actually, I just remembered I used to play Madden Football through a phone line (x-band i think?) on Nintendo years before that.
  4. Drakkul Banned

    NWN on AOL to many years ago followed with DSO and UO...early days of internet hell, I remember KAAOS and The Mercs who fizzled like a bad fart. NWN was with ABK = army of blood keep.
    Soon moved to DSO played diablo but diablo wasnt a mmo was a wannabe mmo...
  5. Jin Member


    Really old shitty dos game.
  6. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    jeez that reminds me of the old DOS "tanks" game
  7. Bose New Member

    Neopets.com arena 1v1's
  8. gilby Guest

    BT 3025 beta
    every time I would almost make captain (able to buy a heavy mech) they would reset the beta :mad:

    then it was shut down cause it was takin to much away from mechwarrior 3
  9. Jou Lord

    You played Battletech 3025?... oh wait you mentioned MW3. I am guessing you don't mean the MU* site.
  10. RyStorm Guest

    starcraft and counterstrike
  11. Malice Guest

    NWN on aol, DSO, UO,AC, And me and Quick_Death use to kill hades a lot.
  12. Grasbite Guest

    My first MUD was called Major Mud, and it was a pretty decent text based pvp game. After that I moved to UO and played some trade wars on the side.

    I have played SB, Everdull, and wow.

    Currently I drop in at SB from time to time just to get a needed kill fix.
  13. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    I actually play a MUD off and on atm, GodWarsII.. just google it if your interested.

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