What level to attack Vaal Act 2 boss HC?

Discussion in 'Path of Exile' started by Kenai, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Kenai Lord

    Any clues on a strategy or a plan for a sword and board Mara to attack Vaal?
    My main-hand DPS is around 125 and my Heavy Strike around 320 and about 1200 life.
    Level 34 now and itchy to get to Act 3. I lost two characters on Vaal. lvl 32 Ranger and lvl 28 Witch. It wasn't even a close battle as I got my ass handed to me on a frozen two-shotted platter.
  2. Xenogrant[Combine] Active Member

    never, reroll a ranged class. Game doesn't like melee, unless you're 2h melee slamming from a somewhat safe distance in which case the game is only half biased against melee.
  3. Soth Administrator

    Vaal has an attack called smash. It is designed to be avoided. It has a long wind up animation, find the video on youtube and learn it. If you decide to try and face-tank it, you will die.

    #1 player on the HC ladder got cocky and thought he could tank it. He is now #1 on the softcore ladder

    You should never solo vaal though. Do it with a group, and be as careful as you can.
  4. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    If this is normal mode vaals smash doesn't do more than 600.

    If you want to be careful just play reactive, run around dodging his lighting and smashing and don't attack him until he makes an action.

    Edit: You have more health than my cruel characters.
  5. Soth Administrator

    I've been hit by the smash in normal and 600ish sounds about right. But I'm also told his smash has a high chance to crit.
  6. For Vaal melee, you need some mobility to deal with the adds when they spawn and to avoid AOE. My objective has been to burn the adds quick then get on Vaal. He won't use his Cold attacks within melee range. Dodge the lasers and his smash. Be patient and don't be afraid to port back at the first sign of trouble or to refill pots.

    I haven't made it very far in HC but I have downed Vaal twice solo as a melee Ranger. Was around 30 with 900 health each time.
  7. I did HC Vaal on my level 27 Ranger without too much trouble. Granted Lesser Multiple + Poison Arrow & Lightning Arrow slotted together did wonders against the adds. Had about 450 health, but max Lightning Resistance because otherwise his beam will rip you a new one.

    If you don't melee, the adds & the beam are what you need to fear the most. If you melee, his smash is avoidable. The freezing ground does no damage and can be walked right out of (do so, else incoming easy beam hitters).

    http://www.twitch.tv/etup/b/378507026?t=577m44s - The vid Soth was talking about, where the #1 HC character got smashed in the face and died to it.
  8. Kenai Lord

    I never did get Ground Slam so I have nothing ranged. I do have a high level Fire Trap and Shield Charge and Flicker strike. I usually drop mobs 1 hit with Shield Charge. If the room is full I drop in a couple of fire traps, warlords mark, and shield charge like a ping pong ball killing everything in one hit. I get mana/life back from the warlords and can pretty much go non stop, gaining life and taking no damage, or at least gaining as much as I am losing. Flicker Strike is awesome as well when there is a single boss. Flicker strike, move away one step, then Shield Charge and one Heavy Strike and most bosses are dead. Still tempted to give Vaal a shot just to see how well I can do against him. It's a fun build.
  9. Kenai Lord

    Ok ... took Vaal down easy. I found out watching videos he is susceptible to Warlords Mark, so I would mark him, drop a couple of fire traps on him, run away from his lightning bolt, and when he was done with that I would Shield Charge and hit him with a couple of Heavy Strikes.
    The adds were easy, a single Shield Charge would bring each one down. I danced around for about five minutes doing this and he never touched me with anything. No melee attach, no lightning bolt, no little blue cold bubble things. The only time I got into trouble is he actually popped up and pinned me in a corner for a little bit, but Heavy Strike actually budged him out of the way for me to squeak out. Simple boss, once you know how he works.
  10. Valus Administrator

    Think this is too much of a hands off approach for Merciless or Cruel but it sounds positive because if you know how he works there's a much lower risk of losing a character.

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