What PVP Environment Do You Prefer?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Hades, Aug 28, 2007.


What PVP Environment Do You Prefer

  1. FFA PVP Server - No rules

  2. Realm vs Realm PVP

  3. Instanced PVP Only

  4. None of the above

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  5. All of the above

  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

    You can go back and change your vote, but you only have 1 vote.

    The games we are looking at for the future (within 6 months) offer a full out, no holds barred PVP seerver, Realm vs Realm, and Instanced PVP.

    We may have 1 or more chapters to support all of these formats, or we may decide to consolidate into one type of game for a while. So, make your vote count.
  2. Re: What MMORPG Game Would You Rather Play?

    I am up for FFA
  3. Rehvun AoC Coordinator

    ffa mordred style ;D
  4. Palebrew Inactive Elder

    I like to gank wherever i want too
  5. Agreed.
  6. El Topo Lord

    FFA here because I think AoC is the best MMO coming out in the near future. However I do like both instanced and RVR PVP.
  7. Laaritan New Member

    I put all of the above, because I dont care where I pvp I just like to kill shit, but if I had to choose it would be FFA
  8. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    Instanced is cool if it's leading to eSports

    Realm vs Realm is something i don't understand aka it sucks

    FFA seems interesting as i like the idea of a no rules cutthroat environment, so I want to experience it in one of the next games coming out
  9. Bose New Member

    ffa cause i love a good gankfest
  10. Borric Der Kriegsminister

    I like all three styles, but if I had to pick one it would probably be the rvr/gvg type of combat.

    FFA is fun for a bit, but gets old quickly. It's like an FPS... good to log in and blow off some steam but there is nothing truly engaging about it. As for gankfests, we all like to do a bit of ganking here and there. But the is not our modus operendi. If you think that LotD are a bunch of gankers, then you are in the wrong guild. You want LoD. We are feared because we field better quality teams than the competition. We are organized and skilled. We don't specialize in 1v1 (unless you are Gaun's ego).

    Realm v Realm, Guild v Guild, Faction v Faction are all basically the same things. DAoC and WoW (PvP servers) are examples of this. The game is split into multiple sides. You cannot attack players from your own side (unless there is some sort of duel mechanism). The n00b areas are usually safe from PvP. But as you venture further, the areas become + pvp. It's funny, WoW is actually all 3 of these PvP types: RvR: Alliance v Horde; FFA: PvP servers lvl 20+ zones are all pvp; and Instanced PvP: BG's and Arenas.

    The RvR is probably the closest to what LotD is based on. It's nice because you can level up a bit without getting ganked and just being griefed over and over.

    Instanced PvP is fine as well, it just sucks waiting in queues.
  11. Detritus Lord

    My favorite would be RvR with Friendly Fire, or the option to openly TK. For the most part RvR offers the tactical and team based PVP I enjoy, but sometimes you just have to kill a bitch on your team. So far PS and UO are the only games that offer that sort of self-policing.
  12. Gruewulf Guest

    FFA PvP target aquisition can be a pain in siege scale PvP games.

    I played Mordred and Andred and I've played Lineage 2. In small scale PvP like Mord, target aquisition was very easy. I play an Inf and a Shaman and I never had a problem coordinating attacks or assists and then switching to healing or switching off CC'ed targets.

    In Lineage 2, which focused on large scale PvP you had something that looked like this:


    Ok, who do you attack? Who is CC'ed? Who needs healing?

    Also, in Lineage 2 flagging yourself for PvP was a pain in the ass. If someone attacks you and you attack back then you're both purple. This is now consenual PVP. However, if the other person runs away and you chase them and they stop attacking you and trying to heal themselves, then there is a very good chance that the purple timer will run out too soon and they will turn white in the middle of a fight. You will end up killing him by accident while they turned white and you will gain karma and turn red. At which point their friends could ambush you. (along with everyone else in the world who doesn't care about the circumstances).

    I guess the devil is in the details.

    Mordred - FFA PvP was awesome, Lineage 2 - FFA PvP sucked.
  13. willoc Guest

    I'm gonna say FFA cause I like all the scenarios it makes. I also love killing people when they've ambush me, winning while the underdog and being able to kill anyone who is annoying me.
  14. Julius K Foxglove New Member

    My vote goes to instanced, while I like the rest, instanced pvp comes down to individual skill and team work rather than numbers, luck and general gank festing. It just tends to be more of a controlled and even battle ground if you get what I mean.
  15. Hunch New Member

    IMHO splitting the guild across more than one server is not such a good idea. Ask Drak about BCK across Napa and Atlantic servers and what a fooking hassel it was.

    My 2 centavos
  16. Hades Lord of the Dead

    When we play a game, we all play on one server. What I meant here is that its possible that we could have three different gaming chapters where each one focuses on one of the PVP environments I've mentioned.
  17. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    I have to admit I like the skill and tactics required to win and dominate instance pvp, BUT, I also relish the concept of taking a surgical team of proffessional killers into a zone/RvR/pvp server and just ruining peoples days. yeah, you may die to the numbers of other teams, but if you can make a name for yourself with a small team, then when you combine the rest of a guild.... you just make people sick when you log on.

    Them- "Ok, everyone leave Warburg, lotd is here."

    Us- "Its ok, we only have 4 and no emp's... do you want us to log on our villains?"

    Them- "No, its ok, I have some badges I wanted to go collect anyways."

    Us- "Pussies"
  18. When possible, I prefer set RvR. FFA can devolve into mass zerg-fests; where in 'general' the more you got the better you end up.

    FFA can be fun, but tends to allow for flavor of the month classes/builds - granted you'll have that in any PvP game but... you can gank whenever you want, until enough people complain about it - and the Devs starting tooling around with the classes and content.
  19. Rehvun AoC Coordinator

    I experience quite the opposite actually on FFA, especially Mordred. There were no zergs, outside the occasional 2 full group guild zerg, but that was generally for taking keeps or raiding ML's. Outside of that, a full group was the biggest "zerg" on Mordred.

    On the other hand, on an RvR server, zergs were an everyday thing. If you weren't geared/skilled/dedicated/motivated/etc to 8v8/small man/solo(God forbid) then you zerged. Which a majority of the non competitve and casual competitve people did.
  20. Kenai Lord

    FFA ... I think this type best lends itself to well practiced teams.

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