What PVP Environment Do You Prefer?

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What PVP Environment Do You Prefer

  1. FFA PVP Server - No rules

  2. Realm vs Realm PVP

  3. Instanced PVP Only

  4. None of the above

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  5. All of the above

  1. I agree completely that skill, desire and effort are paramount for quality PvP. 

    It isn't that 80% of the time when the FFA is going well, it's the 20% when it goes horribly awry that people recognize the most. 

    Mordred may have been a good example of such, but how many have gotten it correct?  Developers change games, they follow the money payers, not the skill-players.  When enough people complain, things do magically alter - any evidence you need of that, is on the MMO game shelves in the stores; one for every type of player. I enjoy FFA, but think RvR can be the best of both worlds.

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  2. Tenet New Member

    I adore FFA when everyone has instant access to the same gear, or it's a very simple and fast task to accomplish (like on UO Hybrid, where leveling was macro-able and rapid, and gear didn't matter much in PvP).

    I like any PvP where my own growth in skill and teamwork is the only determining factor, where it is the real character development.

    I dislike PvP where my own growth in skill and teamwork is secondary, or even contested, by gear advantages that can be obtained through hardcore grind.
  3. Wakygreek Guest

    FFA pvp can be dangerous if you dont have people watching your back. RVR pvp is the best imo.
  4. See, thats why we have a guild like the one we have. We dont have to worry about someone not watching out for eachother. If something happens on a FFA PVP server, a guild shoutout and you're going to get at least one higher lvl from the guild to squash the guy who killed you. I like the FFA because I can kill anyone I want, if an ally guild double crosses us, we can find them and wipe them all off the map... in FvF, you cant kill the traitors. FFA all the way.
  5. SayItAint Guest

    FFA seems more like "real life"...
  6. Delimber New Member

    I enjoy FFA pvp the best.
  7. I'm all for FFA, I'm quite fed up with the PvP-lite of CoV and would like to have free reign when it comes to killing players.
  8. Boombles Guest

    FFA all the way. Being able to walk along and kill anyone you please is the best thing in the pvp world.
  9. In trying them all FFA PvP does present the best payoff while allowing for the zerg which in most cases is never fun for long.

    In shadowbane stacking on top of each other was commonly used and ruined the experience for many. With full block detection in AoC it should make the zerg easier to deal with and pick apart with a cohesive tight group. Add mounts with block detection and charges and a being ina zerg may be a disadvatage.

    I guess we'll see.
  10. Shut up Bose you dont know how to PvP!!!
  11. Salohcin Member

  12. Drakkul Banned

    Pretty much all the above ffa is good like borric said but it does get old, probably why i like wow the way it is.
  13. Slavas New Member

    Full loot FFA PvP. Cuz im a pk and i when i kill i want your gear and cash
  14. d1ce New Member

    FFA with the option of structured PvP such as guild vs guild.
  15. Jantix Guest

    Chose instanced...

    The more like a "sport" the game is the better for me.

    FFA/ganking never really did it for me, I would rather lose a good fight than win an effortless one.
  16. Pibbz Guest

    I chose all of the above. There's a time and place for all pvp styles. Open world pvp can be fun within reason, but structured competition can be fun as well and more rewarding then pixelated loot/good.
  17. Tenet New Member

    Instanced PvP Only - 11 4.70% <- the number of wise people on this forum.

    FFA PvP with no rules is not "PvP", its a shallow game of domination, a way for shitters to e-peen each other with worthless accomplishments.
    Did they win? no, they "zerged". Did we win? No, they claim we "zerged". No one ever says "GG" in FFA for a reason - the goal is not competition, but the elimination of others and resulting server death.

    FFA PvP may become meaningful with a highly simulated environment where guerrilla tactics are rewarded - kind of like what Darkfall keeps promising year after year.
  18. Luna Inactive Chapter Member

    Or you can do all of the above so when instanced pvp isn't happening or gets boring, you have other choices!
  19. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    Kinda depends whether you're talking about different games with distinctly different concepts of pvp, or about your prefered choice of pvp in a game that kinda trys to support it all.

    Instanced PvP failed in AoC and WAR for various reasons, like not enough people queueing[=isn't happening], or additionally in the case of WAR, introducing random elements like 6 people in your team you couldn't select/prevent before the match to play on your side[=either gets boring or makes you wanna headbutt a kitten]. So if you really like instanced, competitive arena based pvp, but are willing to have a look at RvR and FFAPvP, AoC and WAR sadly aren't an option.

    You still have to decide between real instanced arena pvp games who can't be called MMORPGs and don't have any RvR or FFAPvP, like Dota, Guild Wars and Fury, and real MMORPGs who have RvR and/or FFAPvP but only support instanced PvP in a terribly half-ass way.

    WoW seems to have open RvR, instanced RvR, and instanced Arenas, but for quite a few reasons, mainly items, isn't an option for many who think instanced pvp equals 100% fair pvp. We will see if GW2 or the next Blizzard MMO will do it right.

    So, no Luna, as much as I respect you and your accomplishments in instanced PvP, selecting "All of the above" currently puts you very very far away from the "Instanced PvP only" crowd.
  20. Luna Inactive Chapter Member

    I didn't pick all of the above based on games released already, I picked it for the ideas behind it. WoW is probably the best 'all of the above' option available right now, and I know most of the arguments against it. Instanced RvR has been the same shit since 4 years ago, arena based on gear and class imbalances, and the usual open RvR cries you hear in every game. WoW might be able to fix these problems, or they might not, but I know that the next big game that replaces WoW will have all 3 pvp options and will execute their game plan much better than WoW, or any other game did. It will have many incentives to do all 3 options, and little incentives against doing them.

    I disagree with only one type of competitive play available, that's one reason why I haven't been bothered playing many of the mmos out right now.

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