What PVP Environment Do You Prefer?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Hades, Aug 28, 2007.


What PVP Environment Do You Prefer

  1. FFA PVP Server - No rules

  2. Realm vs Realm PVP

  3. Instanced PVP Only

  4. None of the above

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  5. All of the above

  1. Slavas New Member

    ffa pvp is great, you can fight anywhere, and anyone, and vice versa. this puts me on edge makes me sit on the edger of my seat. I further impose this by pk. when im "red" they want to kill me, not only for the gear, but for the pk reason.

    One piss off i have is the bot killer excus. dont use it, its retarded. The players who use it are bullshitting anyways, and cant kill you so the use this excuse
  2. Dogmatic Banned

    I love em all, but if I had one, FFA. I like to go in their base, and kill their dudes. Or, more accurately, just kill everyone that doesn't share my tags. Or, like in Shadowbane, kill the guy with my tags who is steppin outta line with me.

    I game on MMOs to shit in people's cheerios. I enjoy taking their bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, and handing them back some Runny Butt Cheerios.
  3. Cedwyn Banned

    How did you stumble across this post?
  4. Salohcin Member

    FFA PVP Server - No rules, sadly the MMO world is lacking. :(
  5. This is the only negative side to everyone being able to resurrect ;)
  6. I actually voted for "Instanced PvP only", however I like RvR concepts as well.

    My dislike for FFA PvP is emphasized by both Aion, WoW and Rift where player quantity, serious class imbalances and gear would dictate 95% of the PvP encounters one player could have. I suppose I've missed the glorious ages where FFA PvP was actually good, me being too young at the time these games were released.

    Should one good FFA PvP game come out, I'd happily try it but it would have to be pretty convincing to crush these three bad experiences.
  7. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    I'm feeling the same way. I love to hear the stories, again and again. But what I saw never could live up to them.

    If you were really interested, you should have checked out Darkfall and Mortal Online though, as well as the recently introduced AoC Blood & Glory Server.
  8. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Age of Conan was the last great FFA PVP environment we played. In that game we had a 150 man strong army that could lock down high level zones while sieging/defending a siege at the same time.

    We could plow through a city, push people to the rez pad, force them out of the zone, and then follow them virtually anywhere.

    When you play an RVR or an FFA PVP game you play to dominate the server, and that is done with ARMIES of competent warriors lead by outstanding leaders. You dominate a server by controlling virtual territory, and dictating when or if you enemies have access to it. Jeer was our PVP Officer in AOC and Borric helped lead our warbands as well in large siege operations, and I was our field commander in open world PVP most of the time.

    Warhammer was good as well, but the game mechanics did not allow us to totally shut down opponents like we could in AOC.
  9. Vatna Member

    It's a shame Darkfall and Mortal Online are dying on the vine. Whenever I check up on the patch notes it's pretty underwhelming.
  10. Dogmatic Banned

    When I drink Sangria, I tend to drink lots of it. And when I'm drunk, I'm in habit of lurking, and clicking things with words.
  11. Dogmatic Banned

    Nothing FFA about those games. Guards, no zone lockdown, no real incentive to World PvP, which is different from FFA PvP. But sometimes they tend to be confused.
  12. Daemon Lord

    all are fine as long as there is some point to the pvp, although ffa/pvp would be the preference.

    with not point to pvp other than kiling stuff, i'll just go play deathmatch fps
  13. Solus Lord

    Asheron's Call - Darktide

    Still the best FFA I experienced...although AoC prolly was a close second.

    Old threads FTW.
  14. Miira Lord

    As much as I loved Darkfall, PvP loss was too punishing and entire guilds would just quit after they got their shit pushed in. In AoC, while losing was merely annoying, you could have huge brawls every day. I miss AoC(I was lucky enough to join 3 months post-launch, so I didn't have the same horrid experience that many did).
  15. Salohcin Member

    Yes DF is what I wanted in a MMO, to bad the things wrong with the game (Huge empty world & horrid UI IMO) drug it down so far & MO I never could get any recent info on that. Also DF's city system was a bit stupid, It should of been more like SB in that sense.
  16. Breed Lord

    FFA all day
  17. Ichimaru Lord

    This ^
  18. Bushido Inactive Chapter Member

    i think i voted FFA when i first came across this, (due to being a lineage player) but I trully think that instanced pvp is the way to go, because of esports.

    no excuses im 19 (almost 20) and i played UO (and orcs and humans mount c c:\ ) i still remember being told by my stepfather i couldnt play the game anymore, because i was rolling a dex mage that was kkilling people and stealing their gear T.T good times
  19. Dogmatic Banned

    I remember my dad asking me why I enjoyed playing MMOs.

    I responded to him, "I get to kill these fuckers and steal their hard earned shit."

    He asked me why I don't do it myself, and I told him "because if I'm killing them, clearly I'm better at the game than they are, and why the hell would I waste more of my time playing these games and getting all of that myself, when people can be my unwilling employees?" He just said fair enough after that.
  20. Breed Lord

    hence the bottom line of my signature.

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