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Discussion in 'Overwatch' started by Morals, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Morals Lord

    Im starting to feel a little better and i can sit at computer for a little longer at a time now so im thinking of starting up a game.

    How hard is it to learn to not completely suck. I was pretty good at TF2 and BF before i got really old.
  2. Fohmyn New Member

    TBH, Overwatch is one of the easiest shooters I've ever played. There's a skill curve with each hero, but 3/4 (maybe more) of the game is choosing the right team composition for the situation. I'm not a great shooter, but I have tons of occasions where I'm player of the game, MVP, top kills, etc. just because I chose a strong hero to counter the enemy or I played my role in the team well. Spend an hour or so in practice trying out each hero and figuring out what skills they have so you know what to expect when fighting them, then when you play in a match, you should have an idea what your hero's role is- push the objective or take out specific enemies usually.

    Since there are a ton of heroes, pick a few that are interesting to you and play them regularly. You don't need to be great at every hero, but if you're pretty good at 3-4 you have options in every match that will help your team. None of the heroes are hard to learn, either. They all have 5 skills or less. You can pick a few well-rounded heroes to start with, like Soldier:76 (Plays like infantry in CoD, Battlefield, etc), Roadhog (Highest health, one shots weak guys at close range), Lucio (Stand in proximity to friendlies and 90% of your role is accomplished), and Junkrat (Aim within 45 degrees of the enemy and click. Repeat).
  3. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    To start off I would learn 1 character from each of the groups. (defense, offense, support, Healing) (lucio and mercy are the easiest to start healing with.)

    Play the shit out of them and learn which ones will fill synergy gaps in your groups.

    They will all play pretty ddifferently depending on the characters you pick - and you'll want to learn the voice prompts for enemy ultimate's.

    It's very easy to pick up and start playing - but very hard to master.
  4. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    Its an FPS essentially learn curve is as such.

    I am awesome however so if anyone wants to message me ill be rallying ALL NIGHT LONG

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