Who you going to vote for Prez?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kotoll, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Drakkul Banned

    Im not talking about conspiracy theories thoriz trully dont speak to me dont bother me because you take shit out of context and spin it to suit your own needs.
  2. Agaris New Member

    That's a fair argument, but it takes a very disciplined person to keep a passionate idea from influencing decisions in other areas. This is especially true in politics where a single issue can dramatically affect seemingly unrelated areas. What if the person you hire that doesn't believe in evolution is put in charge of editing a newsletter and tends to present everything from a creationist point of view. That's a bit of a crappy example, but the idea is that when you have an extreme view in politics then people will look for that influence in everything you do. You can make the right decision and still be criticized that the choice was made for the wrong reasons.
  3. thorizdin Administrator

    Drak, your posts have ranged from unintelligible to dogmatic, exactly what what have I taken out of context or spun? If you want to debate then go ahead, but posting nonsense then accusing me of being dishonest is pretty fucking stupid.
  4. Drakkul Banned

    In many posts where we have agreed or disagreed no one can seem to get a word in edge wise you are the almighty knowledge base. I never said you were dishonest, and re read your own quoted statement of what i had said.
  5. thorizdin Administrator

    Yep, it's difficult to be impartial, but that's a true mark of intelligence and character. Certainly I wouldn't put someone who believed that we never went to the moon in charge of NASA, but if that same person is a talented administrator who knows his or her shit when it comes to traffic flows then I don't have a problem using him in highway administration.
  6. thorizdin Administrator

    So spin isn't a polite way of saying that I'm being dishonest?

    That's exactly how I read it:
    spin = lie
    spin = prevaricate
    spin = deceive
  7. Verm Lord

    I'm voting for your mom. Seriously, look at this country and who are actually considering to lead it next. I hope that doesn't sound like a conspiracy you piece of shit FOX NEWS lovers.
  8. Blackops Member

  9. Drakkul Banned

    Just because we are republicans doesnt mean we love fox, fox news has some real tards on it if you ask me like most media outlets do.
    O'Riley = Religious nut, 2 faced fuck and many other things,.
  10. Pwning Lord

    lets face it,

    Obama lacks any real leadership, experience, foreign policy, and has a sketchy past he refuses to talk about making him seem untrustworthy.

    McCain is too old to be running for president, has similar views as president bush, is hostile toward a lot of countries leaders, and will probably not make it through his first term alive.

    neither of these candidates jump out at me and make me say wow, i'd like that guy to be the president of my country. it is sad that the united states cannot find a decent, honest, patriotic, and worthy candidate for the presidency.
  11. Dagnasti New Member

    I think a lot of our problems could be fixed if things were as our founding fathers intended, you can't vote if you don't own property! :)

    having said that, I will admit that I am unhappy with both candidates and therefore I don't really know much about either. I intended to vote McCain because I'm a Libertarian and Libertarian = vote Republican, usually. Also, and this is directed at Borric, wasn't Obama a Muslim back in the day? I may be unenlightened, but I just cannot vote in a Muslim president.
  12. Blackops Member

    dag dag daggity...dag...


    we still love you tho.
  13. Drakkul Banned

    As per founding fathers remove religion from POLITICS and from our money and our government etc. Meaning religion has no place in our government its been itching its fucking way back in for some time now. As our founding fathers ran away to escape religion now we have it moveing right back in.
  14. thorizdin Administrator

    Dag, that is one of the rumors that found fertile soil but no he has never been a Muslim. Wikipedia has (at the moment at least) a fairly factual account of his history, both personal and political.


    I found the article on the school he attended pretty interesting as well:


    The article on McCain is also pretty decent:

    I actually find McCain to be the most palatable Republican of significant nationwide stature (by far) so this election is one that I don't plan on making up my mind on in a hurry. On that note, Romney would have been a decent candidate if he had not decided to reverse course on so many topics to appeal more to social conservatives, of course McCain has done some of the same but to a lesser degree in my mind.

    Once we move past the conventions the next phase will begin and things are likely to change dramatically in terms of money. McCain will be limited to the 82 million from public financing during the general election while Obama will probably spend 3-4 times that amount. That's actually the thing that bother me the most about him, he stated/implied early on that he would take public funding as well but changed his mind as his candidacy became more realistic.
  15. Verm Lord

    Oh we can. Problem is they won't get the money from whatever Military Industrial vs Pharmacy. If they don't sell out.
  16. Dagnasti New Member

    ok, well at least he wasn't a Muslim, thanks for clearing that up. :)

    glad yall still love me :)
  17. dantel Banned

    I love you in a stalker loves his target kind of way. Btw thanks for trimming the bushes.

    I plan to vote for Ralph Nader.
  18. Verm Lord

  19. Dagnasti New Member


    oh wait, my bushes are always trimmed.. :p
  20. Drakkul Banned

    What do you mean wake the fuck up? Really I want to know what that means besides the war thing what else do we need to do? I want an athiest in power no more religious goons.

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