Why Intelligent People Tent To Be Unhappy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Detritus, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Detritus Lord


    It is a good article, but I don't like the lack of sourcing on some of the claims (that is a horrible habit of bloggers). I can think of several people in this guild that would benefit from reading it.

    A few items this article fails to address are:

    1) Being raised by and with people with vastly lower IQs. Retarded is < 80, Average is ~100, Genius is > 120 . As you can see the difference between sets is 20 points. For people of average intelligence try to imagine what it is like going to schools where most of your teachers are retarded, they don't understand you and they don't understand why you lose interest in them. For people with extremely high IQs 160-200, even the geniuses look like retards to them, and that creates a tremendous problem with finding peers for social development.

    2) Being raised in a society developed to keep the lower IQs behaved. A lot of our laws and cultural customs are the product of centuries of treating people like sheep. I was 12 when I fully realized that the law was something to be feared, but not respected. It was not aimed at me, and it does not take me into account at all. Morality, ethics, and other such institutions are simplified for the half-wits. Those of us with above average intellect will always be bored and unfulfilled if we let cultural norms restrict us. With that in mind, always remember that there is always bigger fish out there. The stupidest mistake many intelligent people make is thinking they're too smart to get caught. Remember that nearly everything DaVinci did was a product of exploring forbidden arts, it was his exhuming of corpses that led him to understanding muscle structure, which allowed him to greatly exceed his peers.

    3) Reality is subjective. You live in a world where the dominant species thinks they are individuals while behaving like swine. This is the part I've struggled with most, personally. These individuals think they are competing, because their hormones tell them they are. They don't think they should listen to their hormones because they have their sacred scientific method... but their own science shows them they are not in control of themselves any more than a pig is in slop. There are a number of simple solutions to this problem, my favorite is: LSD, a lack of faith, Nietzsche, and a walk in the absence of the sacred. I have been ultimately very happy upon realizing that Aethistic-Nihilists and Theists are both wrong, decay is as beautiful as growth, restriction is the only sin, love is the only law that governs all life.
  2. Jin Member

    Personally, I think this article is a load of crap. Sure, intelligent people tend to be more cynical, but that generally doesn't stop them from being happy. There are many ways for truly intelligent people to be happy, impaired social development only affects a few. And for those that it does, they often find pleasure in their work.
  3. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    just read some of he Henry David Thoreau's works, you will see how one genius was able to find happiness. So yes, it is possible, but you have to want to. If you are always looking down at others, if you are always talking about how terrible everyone else is, you are wasting your own intelligence by hording it. In my opinion the biggest reason TRUELY intelligent people are not happy is because they dont make the effort to help improve others. They just "accept" that everyone else is inferior and thus live a secluded and meaningless life(unhappy).
  4. Drakkul Banned

    More intelligent are usually more happy over those who are tards.
    Due to the fact you have a better life job etc over those of less intelligence. That my opinion anyways.
  5. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    on the flipside of that, sometimes intelligent people feel they HAVE to do certain jobs "ie. doctor, lawyer, politician" because they are smart, when they may actually enjoy more a simple job driving construction equipment or running a coffee shop.
  6. Detritus Lord

    As a general rule of thumb, a higher salary goes with higher responsibility.
  7. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    true, but just because im intelligent does not mean i want responsibility, or a job that requires it. That is possible it wont make me happy. But, reverting back to what i said earlier, people may force themselves into positions that make them unhappy, just because thats what "intelligent" people do.
  8. LaMagra Lord

    Then they aren't THAT intelligent.
  9. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    you can be intelligent and ignorant... its actually fairly prevolant.
  10. Detritus Lord

    Yea in my neighborhood growing up there were 3 of us that were in top IQ percentile. One went nuts and joined the Mormons (he was an atheist of Asian-Caucasian ethnicity) to go to Russia for missionary work... The other was in one of those high pressure families, a lot of drilling from his parents kept him in all the AP classes and constantly stressed. He finished high-school, starts college, immediately gets an internship at NASA and within 6 months he cracked; dropped out of everything and became a fucking Walmart greeter.
  11. LaMagra Lord

    Guess I haven't known any ignorant intelligent people. I have, however, known a lot of smart people without a lick of common sense. Those are the worst.
  12. koto Lord

    I have a mate like that fucking retarded i think that you need common sense in order to be successful not just book smart.
    Count is right intelligent people do not always want a "intelligent" job they may just want one that fullfills them. Some have a drive which needs to be achieved they will keep working keep going onto the next challenge. They are happy either way.
  13. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    its kinda hard to judge others choices for their lives. You never know what people really want, but intelligent people tend to have more choices so its easy to call them a failure for working at walmart, when who knows, maby they enjoy people and just want to be a greeter. And yeah, sometimes people have to go through a few different periods before they figure out what they really want.
  14. KallDrexx New Member

    I understand what you mean, but sorry. There are much more entertaining (not to mention better income) jobs that deal with conversing with customers. Becoming a greeter at walmart is definitely not even near the top of a job in a greeting position.
  15. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    hehe, yes, it was merely an example. But taking the situation Detri brought up, maby the guy isnt even qualified for the job he really wants and now, because of his earlier decision has to work at walmart until he gets going back in the right direction.
  16. thorizdin Administrator

    Just my opinion, but happiness for the highly intelligent is quite attainable. What's problematic is often patience. The world isn't generally ready or able to handle geniuses when they are young. My intelligence certainly hasn't increased since I made it past my mid-30's but my opportunities have greatly increased simply because my age has increased. That isn't to say that I haven't learned during those times, I certainly have, but the amount of learning is dramatically lower than the increase in responsibility and pay. Just my point of view.
  17. Drakkul Banned

    And the heading tells me your an idiot "Tent" ....
  18. Hunch New Member

    He must be one happy bastard :-*

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