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  1. Ren Elder

    Lords of the Dead is gearing up for the June 3rd release of Wildstar Online! With this highly anticipated MMO, LotD will finally have a chance to get back to it's roots with the PvP action Wildstar has to offer. This fast paced, skill based game with an innovative action combat system will have you on the edge of your seat through its entirety. With Open World PvP, Rated Arenas, Rated Battlegrounds, and Warplots there is enough player killing available to keep everyone happy and involved. The game has many different facets to offer the different styles of player. There are very intense PvE encounters along with endless endgame content that Carbine Studios calls "Elder Game". You can also can gather, craft, and furnish your very own player house. Come join in on the fun and experience a game that has the staying power that LotD needs to continue on into the next generation of gaming.

    To play with Lords of the Dead in Wildstar Online please go HERE to fill out an application.
    We are also looking to fill a couple more leadership positions - Contact @Ren if interested in finding out what opportunities are still available.​

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  2. Ren Elder

    Headstart begins 00:01 PDT May 31st (That's 3:01 am on a Saturday on the east coast).
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  3. I will be moving that day and first thing I will be doing is setting up my computer!
  4. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Good luck with the chapter!
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  5. Tsubaki New Member

    What server are we going to be playing on?
  6. You need to apply to the chapter first through our application process.

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