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    Greetings from the Planet Nexus! The LotD WildStar chapter is off and running right into the first weeks of release. We will be giving periodic updates on our efforts, achievements, and outright shenanigans. Submissions from contributors are welcome. If you have something worth sharing, grab a screenshot (PrtScn button) or a video and send me a note.

    Our member base was extremely robust at launch, meeting and even exceeding our goal of 100 members. There are many familiar faces from years past – some of whom have not actively gamed with LotD for some time. There are also many new additions to the chapter with some very talented individuals already making names for themselves. LotD is a tight knit community that has stood the test of time (19 years to date). For more information on how to step up and become a Lord within the guild, please refer to the Lord Codex and the Lord Promotion Criteria. Today’s Provis and Chapter Members are tomorrow’s Lords.

    There are approximately 40 chapters members who have hit the level cap of 50 within the first two weeks of the game. Check out the What to Do at 50 thread courtesy of our very own Shelby aka Sexual Healing. So then it is moving on to preparations for participation in the Elder Game which includes both PvP and PvE.

    Our in-game guild has been established and we are progressing nicely. There is a progression model based on Influence which is earned by grouping up with fellow guild members. The first priority purchases have been bank slots to accept the avalanche of donated raw materials and goods. We now have four of the available five slots, with the last to come shortly. After that, the plan is to start progression through the ranks which unlock various perks. More on that in the future.



    We have had multiple five man groups running Battlegrounds on a nightly basis in all of the tiers. The unofficial record for best binge session was a group lead by Calebreth that went 40-0. And the biggest blowout might have been this gem of a 6-0 score (if you count both flag carriers ready to cap) finished in less than five minutes. Next on the agenda is Rated Battlegrounds as the chapter forms up in 10 man raids to compete.

    In open world, we made some “friends” on the Dominion in the form of the guild LGT Terminus. They swarm onto our tag every time they see us, and it has resulted in some great stories and personal grudges on both sides. This is a contest that shows great promise for the future.



    The first step to gearing up is through Veteran Adventures, which we have had good success getting Gold runs in all four; Tempest Refuge, Crime Lords, War of the Wilds (prior to patch), and for the first time just this weekend Malgrave Trail. Once we have enough geared players, it is onto Veteran Dungeons. A test run through Stormtalon was successful on the first boss but called off after reaching the second boss.


    Addon of the Week:

    For those still plugging away at questing, Ayth_Quest is a fantastic addon. It can be set to track a number of quest items and quest givers graphically with a dotted line. No line of sight required! It can also track path objectives and resources, all customizable with different colored indicators. Don’t care about questing? Well it works in PvP too, showing you exactly where to find the Moodie Mask.



    So would you like quick access to Thayd from your house? Try these three simple steps.



    But you are a cheap bugger? Then try finding a neighbor who plans ahead.

    And one last thought:


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    Excellent write-up Ren!! For those still on the fence about this game or thinking about it, it really has something to offer for every kind of gamer.
  3. Cedwyn Banned

    Let's add some more add-ons, like top 5 or something. There are some 'must haves' that everyone should be running.
  4. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Great stuff guys! GL on ranked games!
  5. Ren Elder

    " Submissions from contributors are welcome. If you have something worth sharing, grab a screenshot (PrtScn button) or a video and send me a note."
  6. Isy Lord

  7. Cedwyn Banned

    Speak english and how does Isy have access to this forum?
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    Entspy is a must have addon for malgrave trails. Great write up Ren.

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