WildStar Chapter Update #2

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    As we begin the second month of the Wildstar Chapter, here is a look at what we have been up to recently.


    The Strain content drop at the 1 month anniversary added two new PvE zones, including a second set of dailies. There is now no shortage of questing to grind out weekly elder gems.

    Ticonz: “Alarielle, Lylyth, Renx, Scotchvader, and I were doing so well in War of the Wilds today... until the Strain hit us!”

    For progression, we not only got our first Stormtalon clear recently...

    ...but we have had two groups make Silver runs as part of their attunement quest. KV is a bit easier so that should follow pretty quickly, leaving Skullcano and Swordmaiden. If you are starting to feel comfortable with your adventure gear, get it runed up and join us on a PvE schedule night for early boss dungeon farming and KV & STL runs.


    We rolled out in force and visited the Dominion capital of Illium and caused a bit of mayhem on a Friday night. There was quite a sea of reds chasing us around and we settled in a nice Church with a single entry point and challenged our opponents to pry us out of their city. The battle raged on some time, with the highlight of the evening being our fortification line of Vendbots. Man the barricades!


    In instanced PvP, we have seen competition stiffen recently as more and more people hit the 1500 then 1800 gear tiers. In addition to player skill, gear is a major differentiator in WS PvP. With hard work and an ongoing focus on pulling our own players up to these tiers, we are slowly leveling the gear differential and making the matches more about skill and strategy.


    Addon of the Week: Entspy

    This is another one of those addons that is equally vital in both PvE and PvP. It makes Malgrave Trail easily doable (if the RNG gods smile on you). And you can quickly find quest items, quest mobs, and enemy players without direct line of sight. Go download it now!




    Guest contributor Lobo brings us this housing related interview with Lylyth focused on his recent housing project “Down the Rabbit Hole.”


    Q. What was your inspiration?
    A. Alice and Wonderland, I am a huge fan of that world and lifestyle.

    Q. How did you pick the name “Down the Rabbit Hole”?
    A. It is a reference from Alice and Wonderland

    Q. How many hours did it take to construct your house?
    A. 72 hours out of 3 weeks.

    Q. How much did it cost?
    A. About 25 platinum.

    Q. Were there any big challenges during the construction?
    A. The biggest challenge was getting the placements for the treehouse, I wanted to make it difficult to get to and hidden so you felt accomplished when you got to it.


    Q. What is your favorite part of your house?
    A. It is a toss up between the garden and the ritual room in my house because it is a change from nice and mystical to dark and scary.

    Q. Any plans for the future?
    A. With the strain drop I want to go for more of a corrupted twisted look opposed to evil. I would like more people to try housing because it is one of my favorite parts of the game.


    Looking Forward
    This is a critical time for the chapter as we consolidate our roster of level 50s who are moderately to well geared, and push our way into new content. We are actively assisting those who have holes in their gear or attunements so that we can collectively pursue large group content. The much anticipated PvP balance and matchmaking patch is expected with or shortly after Drop 2, which also includes a new 15 man battleground. And there is plenty of PvE content waiting for us in the 20 man Genetic Archives.

    I hope to see you in game!

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