WildStar Chapter Update #3

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    As we wrap up the WildStar Chapter's first 90 days, there are many successes to celebrate. While the game population has dropped rather steeply, our chapter roster is vibrant and adequately sized to proceed with our goals of PvE raiding (20 man) and rated Battlegrounds. This is in part due to those who joined us from the WS startup guild Digital Soul; as many of their members looked for better access to end game content they have found a new home with LotD. Currently we are Goldilocks sized- not too big as to have to leave people out of guild content, and not too small as to not being able to fill out a raid. We are just right!


    First off, a great big shout out to Tsunamic for his intensity and focus on PvP and through which he earned the Realm First title "Bane of the Battleground" for his 500 match wins. This is no small feat on a PvP server!

    Tsunamic has now joined our leadership group as a PvP assistant officer and is keeping the fire alive while Carbine fiddles with their PvP balance. They have already tweaked gear tiers to equalize the tiers (1500 rating gear was boosted closer to 1800 gear) and an upcoming patch promises to reset the ratings. Stay tuned as this will trigger a resurgence in activity in the rated BG queues.

    And in PvE...
    The first boss in Genetic Archives is down! x89 turned out to be a wicked fun crumbling platform boss fight (video forthcoming) that took us about a week to get under control. In addition to three minibosses, we did quite well in our first eight days in the raid zone. In fact, this progression now puts us in the top 10 on Pago. With Team Legacy (#5) folding up shop and a fair number of progression guilds still on the first or second boss, this means LotD could be pushing up the chart quickly.

    Server Progression.jpg

    While our roster has slimmed down since launch, those remaining are active in game every day and working hard and moving the guild forward. Thank you to everyone involved past or present.

    If you are interested in joining us, our chapter application can be found here.
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  2. Tsunamic Lord

    Best MMO so far.... Great Gameplay....Great Endgame content... and Great People !! I recommend this chapter to anyone who is tired of the old Tab target MMO system.
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    Wow, that's really cool Tsunamic, grats man!

    PS: If you played with us in the past and are thinking of returning, just PM me - no need for a new app. There are some good reasons to return in the coming month:
    -Merge of all PVP servers into a giant megaserver (more open world pvp, more competition)
    -AMP/Ability upgrades made more easily obtainable (rep; path; pvp vendors; increased mob drops; increased pvp drops)
    -Raiding! Since we are now raiding, we can get anyone not attuned done in under a week. A new member joined us last week and he went from no attunement to 3/4 dungeons in a week. Also Carbine will soon be implementing a way to auto-attune alts. (Hardest part now is killing 12 world bosses :p)
    -PVP rating is being reset and equipment has undergone some good balancing changes.
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