WildStar Chapter Update #4

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    WELCOME TO PERGO! When Carbine announced the forthcoming Megaserver consolidation they also implemented free server transfers to allow player driven consolidation. The majority of the raiding guilds on Pago took immediate advantage and jumped over to Pergo. LotD finished up our weekly raiding schedule (lockouts were not carried over to new servers), enjoyed uncontested harvesting on a nearly empty server for a bit, and then followed suit. Our original guild tag with all of the upgrades is being held on Pago and will host our permanent home on the Megaserver once the final merger happens. In the meantime, you can find us on Pergo as “LotD.”

    AND WELCOME DARKHAND! Our old friends over at DDH have stopped running their own 20 main raid group. Bad news for them, but good news for us as we have had their assistance and company over the last couple weeks.

    PvE UPDATE: Following up on the news from our last update, a video of our X89 first kill (Genetic Archives Boss #1) is now available on the guild Youtube channel.

    And we haven’t slowed down since! The second GA boss, Kuralak the Defiler, is considered a road block boss and many guilds give up or break apart when faced with repeated failure (which looks like this).

    Kuralak Wipe.jpg
    After two weeks of numerous attempts, and once we were able to field a full 20 man roster (thanks DDH!), we chalked up a very satsifying victory. This puts LotD in the top 200 guilds for World Ranking on the Kuralak kill. Definitely a good start but there is plenty of room to improve our rankings moving forward through Genetic Archive and into Datascape.

    Kuralak achievement.jpg

    Kuralak world rating.jpg

    PVP UPDATE: We (and the majority of the WS player base) are awaiting the next content drop which will include a reset in the PvP ratings. The anticipation is that this reset in conjunction with the recently added leaderboards will stimulate activity for a new “season” (although the developers are avoiding that terminology). Want to represent on the public rankings? This will be your chance.

    Onward Ho!
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    great video ren!
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    Awesome! I'm on a youtbue video! And you can hear my voice, I'm basically a celebrity now.
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