WildStar Chapter Update #5

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    It has been an amazing month for LotD in Wildstar! There has been lots going on in all facets of our Chapter, and the new content drop hasn’t even hit yet (more on Drop 3 in our next update).

    The server moves are now complete (Goodbye Pergo) and we reunited with our Tier 6 guild that we had mothballed on Pago. Our guild has been constantly active since the Headstart release in May so we have numerous upgrades, including both of the Tier 6s (Flasks of Speed and Guild-Wide Experience Buff). Warhound is a hopping place as it now holds all the North American PvPers. Better keep an eye open and wear PvP gear if you spend time in the level 50 zones during prime time!

    The large and well known Exile guild Warpath split into Warpath Gaming and Onslaught, and then a big chunk of the Onslaught PvP folks decided to come on over to join LotD. Suddenly guild chat is humming with activity and there is a waiting list to get into our pre-made 10 man BG teams. Glad to have you all onboard!

    Since the last update, Lords of the Dead has downed both Phagetech Prototypes and Phage Maw, making us 4 /6. With the death of other guilds on the server, this puts us in the Top 5 in active North America PVP server Exiles raiding guilds. This is a rather remarkable achievement considering our limited PvE raid roster going into the game, and our split focus between PvE and PvP.
    PVE Phagetech Prototypes Down.jpg

    Not content to sit on our laurels, Our PvE team is constantly working to improve our performance as we need to cover more and more ground each week in order to continue progression. Time has become a significant hurdle as we continue to only have three raid nights a week on the schedule. And the fights are becoming ever more punishing on mistakes, forcing restarts if there is a player death or if a critical mechanic is failed.

    PVE Phage Maw Down.jpg

    Looking ahead, the fifth encounter Phagetech Council is relatively straightforward and should not prove to be too difficult of a roadblock. But the sixth encounter, Dreadphage Ohmna, is a guild killer with only 54 guilds progressing worldwide (22 in North America) so we have our work cut out for us.

    Mange has been reforging our 10 man Battleground teams. This is his narrative of just one recent PvP night from our weekly schedule:

    Night Friday (HALLOWEEN!) was a smashing success, we lost a single game all night and it was a result of the two top dominion teams stacking their members together. Everyone listened and did their part, on our 2nd night we've easily put ourselves in a position to be the best Battleground team in the game. Let's go over a quick recap.
    First we took on what I would rate as the second best Dominion team NA, Renza started the game off with a steal while we had Tsunamic on defense. We won the first team fight with ease and quickly went up 3 masks and it was all over from that point on. We picked up every mask that spawned, I seriously don't think they got to touch a mask, and took team #2 down rather quickly.

    Second we took on what I'd rate as the top dominion team and the team that 5 capped us last pvp night. We returned the favor and the farming we did last time paled in comparison to this one. Most importantly not only did we farm, nearly quadrupling their kills, but we won the match handily this time ending with 5 masks to 2. To top it off we lost one of our players before the match started (one of our only two healers) and still managed this with a PUG. Proud moment.

    Finally these two teams took their best players, realizing they could no longer compete with us as we were, and stacked them together. It caught us off guard and we lost the first match pretty hard. We made a single adjustment in adding a 3rd healer to the team and this was the result.

    PVP BGs.jpg
    We earn a solid 5 - 2 victory and beat them in every single category, next step is taking these players down in RBGs come Drop 3 which is most likely next week. Great night, great fights LotD and happy halloween!

    (Oh and all this with 2-4 1200 players in the group I might add. Once drop 3 comes and we stack a team and get our rating up we'll be beastly, not to mention our time as a team has been very brief eventually I want everyone comfortable enough to call out an outstanding target.)

    Flo X has become the ringleader of the player driven PvP community with his WarhoundEvents website, and we are now extremely happy to welcome him to LotD! This makes a fantastic content complement to our 10 man BG activity. Just last night LotD stepped up in numbers to help with the Biome Battle event which turned out to be quite fun.

    PVP World.jpg

    But perhaps most excitingly, Flo and company spent several hours coordinating Exile and Dominion to simultaneously queue (despite all the bugs with solo queuing) and actually made the magic happen with the server first Warplot match. We are all looking forward to more of these events in the near future, and making these trial Warplot matches into competitive contests.

    And to finish on a serious note, we welcomed a new member into our community in September only to find out soon afterward that he would be stepping out to undergo brain surgery to remove a tumor. Deadman made an indelible mark on us with his positive outlook on his condition, and the joy he found just hanging out in our guild chat and teamspeak.


    The operation was in early October and went well, and Deadman has dropped in a couple times since to update us on his recovery. To help him along, we had a custom hat made with our LotD Wildstar logo which he reported to be wearing proudly. So our continued best wished go out to Deadman and his family.
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    Sorry to hear about your CM best of luck Deadman
  3. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    Love the Wildstar Crownjaw btw, fantastic!
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    Great write up, Ren. Y'all are kicking ass and taking names! Great job to everyone involved in the Wildstar chapter!
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    It only Gets Better from here !!! LOOK OUT !!!
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    LOL @Usul, WTF...

    Looking forward to more open world pvp events, they are definitely a huge highlight and success for the game/server. Thanks goes out to those who organize it.
  7. Istarien Lord

    Brief update: Congrats to the progression raiders for making our GA boss kill count 5/6 at Thursday's raid! With Convergence down and shiny new weapons in hand, we're headed for the last boss that stands between us and Datascape. Ohmna, here we come!
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