WildStar Chapter Update #7

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    This update brought to you by GM Istarien and the WildStar officer corp!

    Changing of the Guard
    After shepherding the WildStar chapter through the latter stages of game testing and launch, then serving at the helm for 7 months, Ren decided to step back from the GM position and transition into the role of chapter sponsor. We thank our initial sponsor, Obitrice, for championing WildStar's cause and look forward to similar enthusiasm from our former GM.

    The vacant GM position required a reshuffling of the leadership team, which landed me, Istarien, in the top spot. My AGMs are Iseng on the PvE side and Tsunamic on the PvP side. They have acquitted themselves well in WildStar leadership, with Iseng, a new addition to the guild in WildStar, serving as a PvE assistant officer and raid leader before taking the AGM spot. Recently-made Lord Tsunamic and his crew have been engaging in the herculean sort of out-of-game diplomacy and coordination that I haven't seen since my stint in the Aion chapter. Wildstar's PvP has had its share of challenges, and it remains afloat almost entirely due to the efforts of Tsu and his team to drum up interest and participation in both factions.

    The leadership reshuffle also brought us a new Personnel officer in Slicen, who joined the guild in WildStar. I have to say, our recruitment messages are 100% more hilarious since Slicen got involved in recruiting, so thanks for the laughs and the great new members!

    Before I launch into the game and progression updates, I just want to take a minute to thank my very capable leadership team. Joining Lords Pikeasey (PvE), Tsunamic (AGM), and Qberto (PvP assist) are Chapter Members Miss Diagnosis, Decake, and Nynaeve (PvP), Iseng (AGM), Lancers, Feeble and Dejamal (PvE), Thelic (Personnel/PvE), and Galindon (Assistant Officer-at-Large and Chief Spreadsheet Wrangler). These are all WildStar chapter members who have stepped up to the plate to make our chapter the PvX powerhouse that it is today. Thanks, all of you, for your commitment to the chapter and guild; we're so glad to have you aboard.

    State of the Game
    Since our last update, we've been playing through one major content update, Drop 4, and a couple of substantial patches to affecting the PvP side of the game. Carbine is still struggling to deliver the game experience its player base has been clamoring for, but LotD is still playing the game and enjoying it for what it is. Drop 5 was just released in early May including more changes on tap for the PvP side of the game and a hefty class-balancing pass, which our players have been anticipating with equal amounts of anticipation and dread.

    The Drop 4 update brought us Veteran Shiphands, short instances that can be run solo or in a group, along with a daily instance reward system that has revitalized small-group content in the game. The new group content currency, "Glory" can be used to purchase gear upgrades that players earn the right to equip by downing raid bosses and completing small-group instances to certain standards of time, objectives completed, and the like. Changes to the raiding system (more on that in a minute) brought us reitemized raid gear of higher quality than the drops we collected in Genetic Archives, WildStar's first 20-man raiding instance. Our long-term raiders emerged from the update with instant gear upgrades and a noticeable uptick in performance.

    The end of 2014 saw us scrambling to put together a 40-man roster as we closed in on the transition from the 20-man Genetic Archives raid to the 40-man Datascape raid. We welcomed some great raiders into our chapter from other guilds in a similar position - having pretty solid raiding squads but nowhere near the 40-plus-bench that the larger instance required. We put ourselves in great position to make that step to 40-man raiding.

    pve1 Datascape.jpg

    Drop 4, however, brought the conversion of Datascape from a 40-man instance to a 20-man instance. Having just integrated the other half of our 40-man squad into the guild, we opted to forge ahead into the new Datascape with two raid groups, one of only a handful of guilds to take on that challenge and maintain it two months on. Both raid groups have been progressing well. As a guild, we are currently 6/9, which puts us in the top 20 guilds in North America for raid progression. How about that for a PvP-focused guild! Congratulations and well done to all of the raiders!

    pve2 6 of nine.jpg

    pve3 world rank 19.jpg

    Since early February Our PvP Officers have been working hard with both the developers and Dominion to organize events despite the low PVP population. Video is available from the PvP Townhall held with the development team.

    Since the townhall over the past few months during Drop 4 Wildstar PvP has experienced a steady decline in Rated PvP. Though recently Carbine removed all Rating restrictions on pvp gear AND added the ability to grind to full AMP/Ability points through PVP. Since these changes queues for Practice Battle Grounds have increased significantly and we've even found a few teams for Rated Battle Grounds.

    In preparation for Drop 5 and the enhanced Rated scene it hopefully will bring, the PvP Department has been doing alot of work to get our members prepared. We hold organized pbg/rbg nights on Monday and Friday, and Arenas on Wednesday. These RBGs have given us a great opportunity to come together as a team and coordinate our CC / DPS. With the focus on Rated 3s Arenas in Drop5, we feel this is a perfect opportunity for us to come together, learn our strengths and weaknesses and ultimately become the best PvP Guild in Wildstar.

    pvp2 bgs.jpg

    3's arena victory against the best in the game:
    pvp rated arena 3v3.jpg

    And Warplot wins!


    Video from one and two matches vs Keepers of the Keg.

    PVP Season 1 has concluded. Congratulations to Tsunamic and Journey for their title “the War-Forged” which was bestowed on the top 1% of rated battleground players.

    Looking forward, Goals for PVP: Season 1.5 to Season 2 Drop 5 is here, and with it comes a new Season for PVP. With past Ratings having been reset, and with the PVP population up, LotD will be stepping up it's game and establishing some longer term goals for its PVP presence in Wildstar for the Season. The overarching goal will be to dominate the PVP scene in Wildstar. We are currently the #1 Exile PVP guild, and in Season 1.5 we will set ourselves up as the #1 PVP guild overall. We will be playing in RBGs, Rated Arenas, and if we can find an opponent, Warplots.

    However, to obtain our overall goal we set a personal goal for all of our PVP players: operate under the mindset of Improve and Sustain. Each of our members need to get in the habit of evaluating their own play, each and every time they step into PVP. Look at how you played and ask yourself: What did I do right? What did I do wrong? How can I fix what I did wrong? How can I make it so that I don't repeat the same mistakes in the future? Improve and Sustain.

    As can be expected, our highest goal will always be the most straight forward: WIN! We all should be striving to win as much as we can; to beat our competition at every turn, to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat, and to leave no doubt as to who is the best guild for PVP in Wildstar. How we achieve this overarching goal is in the detail. It's in how our members work together. It's in how our members learn. Learn to win as a team, and we will have achieved our goal for PVP in Season 1.5.
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