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  1. Isy Lord

    Dude Origens just raped. SoaZ sucks ass but he xPeked the nexus at the end. Lawl
  2. Isy Lord

    It's looking like USA sucks ass this Worlds, wont make it far unless CLG and Aphromoo actually step up like the motha fucken gangsta he is.
  3. Glisseal Lord

    I actually like watching these tournaments. Looks like thats what I will be doing tonight.
  4. Isy Lord

    Yeah they were pretty fun games. I missed TSM and H2K one though :(
  5. Glisseal Lord

    I love playing Braun and in these tournament's these guys play him to his full potential.
  6. Isy Lord

    Dude Braum only won 1/9 games lmao he kept getting wrecked.
  7. Ichimaru Lord

    Yeah, I watched a lot of EU and NA LCS in the first half of the year then stepped away from it about half way through summer LCS. The first game I watched today was TSM vs KT Rolster, I had a good laugh at Dyrus giving up first blood. It gave me flashbacks to that fan in the crowd at MSI with the sign that said "I paid 80 dollars to watch Dyrus feed". Some things never change I guess. I don't see TSM being a realistic competitor on the world level until they get a different top laner.

    Maybe I'm just crazy but I get way more enjoyment out of watching Fnatic and Origen (I'm especially a big fan of Origen) than I do out of any of the NA teams.

    That guy records and posts all of the games played on youtube within a couple of hours of when they are played. You can find any missed matches that you wanted to watch there. The recordings usually always include all of pick/ban phase, but don't cover much/any of the post game analysis.
  8. Isy Lord

    Yeah I like EU teams a lot more too. TSM Blows but I really like watching CLG cuz doublelift and aphromoo and everyone is rape.
  9. Ichimaru Lord

    On a completely unrelated note, wtf is up with TSM's team clothing choices? Am I the only one that gets a lot of "old grandma" vibe off of those black and white sweaters?
  10. Isy Lord

    Watching these games pumps me up so much to playing, then I play one and remember that everyone who plays this game sucks so hard and the dream is over :(
  11. Ichimaru Lord

    Not sure if you are watching every game or just some of them. I almost skipped watching TSM vs LGD since they were both 0-2 coming into it, but I'm glad I watched it because it was actually a very intense game. Origen vs KT Rolster was epic as well.
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  12. Isy Lord

    I just woke up and haven't seen a single game. I can't believe tsm being lgd I also don't know wtf is wrong with lgd right now because they are so much better than this.

    I actually can't believe that c9 beat fnatic because fnatic looked so strong and I'm pretty disappointed in clg because they were undefeated and they lost to koo Tigers which is stupid because they beat themselves during champ select. So dumb to see that.
  13. Ichimaru Lord

    CLG with that epic collapse though.
  14. Aggression Member

    TSM sure needs some changes next year, i wouldnt be surprised if WT gets replaced, with Dyrus (retired). I swear they better get NA talent and not more KR/EU

    IMO WT still very good, he just has too many brainfarts (positioning/flashes). Which if you watched TSM Legends, thats in every fucking episode!

  15. Ichimaru Lord

    I've been saying Dyrus needed to step down ever since MSI, but after watching his exit interview I'm starting to feel like I missed something. I'm a bit late to the party in the sense that I just started watching professional LoL matches within the last 15 months or so, and in that time I've never really seen amazing play from Dyrus. But then today he had such huge fan support at the interview (considering this tourney is on foreign soil) that it caught me off guard. Did he used to be amazing back in the day or something and I just missed it? Or are there really just that many TSM fanboys running around in Europe?

    Either way, I agree they need some change. Question is how much. I agree with you on WT, although lately I feel like Lustboy is kind of in the same position (to a lesser degree). Its just a very inconsistent level of play coming from their bot lane. It will be interesting to see if they just replace Dyrus or if they also make changes to that bot lane.
  16. Daemon Lord

    I think Dyrus's problem is that he gets focused; watch the last game they played, jungle sat there for like 3 mins, just to get that fb gank off, and his team doesn't do much. Plus, lots of bad shot calling that game, which is not Dyrus. I dont' think he waas ever a Wyldturtle level player, but he was a high challenger *solid* player, very consistent in his gameplay and teamwork. I think people learned that all they had to do was shut him down, and the team failed to function.
  17. Isy Lord

    The problem with Dyrus is that he is super safe pick. He can always at least go even in lane, never loses but he has been in the Pro scene from the very beginning. Dyrus has always been a fan favorite because of his consistent level of play. Unfortunately now a days there are people who surpassed Dyrus's level and not only do they play lane and win it but they can carry the game. It's just a classic case of new kids on the block come and replace the old players. Plus TSM has some weird synergies. Wildturtle sucked that last game. His positioning was terrible. He knew he was getting focused from the very beginning of every fight yet he was still insta dead every single time because he wouldn''t stop moving forward instead of just staying way back and coming in once the leblanc is focused on someone else.

    Lustboy has been pretty subpar, sanatorin is whatever and Bjerg is always pretty dominating but he can't carry a team who looks like they have no strategy. Whoever is shot calling for them (I think berg) needs to stop and they need a new shot caller. That is their main problem.
  18. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    EDIT 2: As I went back and read your quote I realize that what I describe below is the exact play you use in your example of it not being his fault.

    He consistantly gets killed on lane rotations, it just happened yesterday, his team drove the enemy top laner to back off the tower, and instead of backing off his tower he just gives away a kill as elise comes from his jungle. Rotating to take turrets is predictable play. Its not even like the enemy reacted quicker and he was suprised, his entire team was toplane and the enemy wasn't there... so where the fuck are they then.. Don't ask dyrus he won't know.

    EDIT: Here is what I am talking about, this thought process doesn't make any sense, he just walks into his death.

    6:03 He gets gets a teammate pinging that the wolf spirit has spotted an enemy moving into his jungle, saving him. He will eventually use this knowledge to Q elise in the brush.
    Side note: this was actually a realy good jungle route by santorin, using the Wolf Camp spirit as he backs so he knows if he should head top to trade.

    6:20 Tahm Kench places a ward that Dyrus sees on the same screen as his charater (no way he could have missed this). Also enemy jungler actually sees the wolf spirit and the time left on it, he can infere that this is why the gank failed, and possibly not a ward.

    6:30 Dyrus is watching the wolf spirit expire as he tries to Q over the wall to take a last hit.

    Dyrus now has full knowledge that the enemy team knows his exact position with the ward, he saw them place it; he knows that his vision died, he saw it expire. He knows that there are 3 enemies on his side of the map and zero teammates.

    Tahm places a ward in dyrus' tri-bush to try and spot out rotations to defend the turret.

    6:50 Dyrus' support/jungle move into the enemies jungle to answer the play that LGD is making with the same move and trade, Darius backs away from turret. Elise clears vision in the enemy tri-brush to ensure he can re-gank, he was also going to back, but now shows himself, showing that he didn't back, in the turret as he sees TSM taking top

    7:12 Elise starts to rotate back around as they see Dyrus move through the ward (that dyrus knows about) Dyrus, should be told by his team that the top lane is not being defended. He can also clearly see this on the minimap, with le blanc in base there is no vision on 5 members of LGD. Dyrus moves up to defend turret!

    7:23 This is the only advanced play in the clip, Tahm Kench backs toward dragon to keep the extended Dyrus at the turret.

    7:40 Dyrus gets killed.... by the jungler who is having the worst performance at worlds.

    "How many times have we seen this, in the short side lane swap he overstays while his turret dies, really no reason to not be at your second tier turret while the lane is getting bounced like that because you're really just opening yourself up for disaster without any positives, he wasn't going to be getting anything for being in that spot to begin with." ~ Announcer Jatt

    Jatt concludes this was a bad place to be without reviewing all the information that Dyrus had just on his own experience of lane rotations, With the review I provided above not only do we know it was a bad place to be, but Dyrus knows it is a bad place to be, both by basic experience AND with concrete information he gathered in the game.
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