WoW Chapter Goes Sanctioned!

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    Lords of the Dead move to Sanctioned!


    Citizens of Azeroth! Look to the skies and observe! Lords of the Dead have made the leap forward as a santioned chapter!

    The Lords of the Dead are in their 4th month in the World of Warcraft universe and continue to conquer all that Sargeras has unleashed upon them.

    Moving the raid of champions into the Nightmare, LotD has crushed the insurgency of the Nightmare Lord with their eyes fixed towards what Nigthold will bring to them.

    As their boots unsettle dust in the mighty Halls of Valor, the group was confronted by Titankeeper Odynn. After passing his trials and earning his blessing they make haste towards slayer the Helheim Witch Helya and her pet Guarm.

    The WoW chapter is moving forward with a solid foothold and are looking to Nighthold where they will move into mythic content and rid the world of the unholy abomination that has become of Guldan.

    Raiding progression times are Tuesday & Friday 21:20-23:30 EST Fun Raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday 21:30-21:30 EST If you are interested in playing with LotD join us on US Stormrage Alliance and contact an officer today!
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