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    The WildStar Headstart Weekend started May 31 (Friday) at 3am eastern. Going into this release our LotD Chapter size was approximately 80 members. Of these, just about half showed up for the early morning event – either skipping sleep or fitting in a quick nap prior. Here is a screencapture of our TeamSpeak3 channel at 3am:


    And then it was straight on into a binge marathon of MMO goodness.

    LotD is playing Exile faction on the Pago PvP server. Only three PvP servers were announced prior to headstart, and we chose the least popular of the three in order to provide the best chances of beating queues and server lockouts. Sure enough, LotD was able to establish ourselves on Pago while the other two servers were immediately full with queues. Three new PvP servers were quickly brought online to address the demand but due to the social dynamic of guild declarations, the damage was already done to Pergo and Widow. Pago reached full status with a queue that maxed out around an hour as more people trickled onto the server. Once the Headstart rush settles down, this promised to be a heavily populated but healthy server.

    Pikeasey led the leveling race for LotD hitting 40 Sunday evening while a handful of full 50s were being announced across the server. Behind Pikeasey, a follow-on group of those in the mid 20s started to see lots of open world PvP action in Whitevale where Exile and Dominion are funneled together. As the server population begins to mature into the contested zones, there is sure to be fierce completion between the factions.

    If you missed out on this weekend, it’s certainly not too late. Official release is June 3 and early access is still open with purchase of the game. To join LotD on Pago, check out our Chapter application.

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