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  1. Malice Guest

    February 23, 2007
    Acclaim Games Unveils the 'Top Secret' MMOG Project

    Los Angeles (February 23, 2007) - Acclaim Games and video game industry superstar David Perry have partnered to present the ground-breaking "Top Secret" project. In this project, players actually get an opportunity to participate in the entire video game development process from start to finish.

    In an unprecedented move for the game industry, these players will be given a chance to have their work featured in a massively multiplayer PC game that will be published by Acclaim and directed by David Perry. Perry will choose a winner from the contributors, and Acclaim will be giving them a breath-taking prize, 'A Video Game Industry Directorship', working on a new fully-funded massively multiplayer online PC game. David Perry will be their Executive Producer to help them as needed on their game, and once they complete their project, they will even earn royalties from the game sales!

    "I've always loved the idea that someone, from their bedroom, reveals their passion and talent, then suddenly can have an absolutely stunning career explosion, becoming a famous Game Director with a pre-built fan base. We're going to make it happen!" says David Perry who is a Game Director and Chief Creative Officer for Acclaim Games.

    David Perry will be building the new online game from scratch and is offering members of the Acclaim player community a rare opportunity to help him develop this video game in a collaborative effort with some of the industry's best talent. "We will bring in some surprise guests along the way to inspire and mentor the contributors," says Perry.

    One lucky winner who shines the most during the development process will be given the top prize. "This is the only chance I know of to jumpstart a directorship career in the video game industry," continues Perry. "Everyone wins. They get to learn how to make professional games, and if they get anything in, they get a real professional credit on their resume." Perry finishes, "But, if they win, well then they get their life changed."

    Interestingly, applicants don't need any prior game development experience. In fact, Perry refuses to look at resumes. "We only care about the pure, focused, passionate talent they show up with," he says.

    "Top Secret is like 'The Apprentice' meets 'American Idol' meets 'The Video Game Industry'. We're giving our players a chance to work on an online game that we will actually develop and publish. Our community really loves these games and knows what it takes to make a hit. And it will be a dream come true for one lucky star that shines the most throughout the project," says Acclaim CEO Howard Marks.

    This is a first-of-its-kind project from the new Acclaim, a resurrected company with a very well known name. The new Acclaim will focus entirely on providing quality multiplayer online games for free. The games will be supported with a mix of advertising and virtual item stores. Acclaim has already partnered with IGA Worldwide to provide in-game advertising for its other online game titles.

    The entry period will be limited, and so will the number of people allowed in to see the project, so sign up now to become a team member on Top Secret. To register for a free account and find out more about Top Secret,
  2. Palebrew Inactive Elder

    I was going to post about this, thanks for putting it up.

    Essentially it's like The apprentice where people will compete to be a director for a new mmo that Acclaim will fully fund and have published. The director will also get royalties through the life of the MMO. I believe the game developed will be free and be funded by in game ad revenue.

    Definetly sign up and try to get entered in Top Secret.
  3. KallDrexx New Member

    Yeah, I'm not going to hold my breath on this lol. There are so many parts of that whole press release that make me go wtf. I'll eat my tongue if I"m wrong, but I highly doubt anything productive is going to come from this.
  4. Detritus Lord

    I think it is pretty amusing... and a little sad. I'm not familiar with The Apprentice, so I hope that is the inspiration for this.

    Otherwise the industry has run out of MMO ideas so this is essentially YouTube the MMO.
  5. Jou Lord

    The industry hasn't run out of ideas. Ideas are plenty out there. Just the big corps have run out of people with balls to try anything that doesn't come up in their "WoW is successful, so lets try a different version of that" reports. Guess I am just sour about EA when I went for my proposal and they said it is a great idea but it is too high budget and hasn't been done before.
  6. Detritus Lord

    Not to mention heretical and illegal in 49 states (though interestingly not Pennsylvania). :(

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