Member Spotlight – Glyph / RangerGar

📣 Welcome to LotD’s Member Spotlight! 📣 This week’s spotlight is on RangerGar (aka Glyph)! He is one of our streamers and if you haven’t checked out his channel, you can subscribe here:

How long have you been in LotD? 

I have been with LotD for 6 long years.. I swear it was more…I joined LotD back during the Crowfall Kickstarter event back in 2015. I saw that LotD was a guild with a huge history and long presence (over 25 years activity) and knew these guys had their shit together. (and a pretty cool and active forum 😂)

What games are you playing right now? 

Right now I am playing New World. Loving the gathering and our organized PvP. All of our Wars can be viewed over on YouTube:

I’ll also be playing Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite when they come out. I always find myself in either FPS or MMO games. Which is a bit of a curse because I miss out on SOO many single player games. We’ll just add it too the 2 year back log eh?

What is your all-time favorite game? 

Can I have different favorite genre games 🙂 haha. My ALL time favorite game will have to be Mass Effect 2. The scope of the characters and lore has enrolled me ever since I first played. My close second will have to be Halo multiplayer (if I can say all Halo universe I will).

What do you like most about LotD? 

I like how awesome Getta is. [GETTA]: AWWWW But besides that, giving Marley a hard time. What I love most about LotD is as I mentioned above. The community that has developed over 25 years of being active. I am blessed to have found such a fun group that allows flexibility, and as we enter new game Chapters we turn it up 100% with organization that would make my 8th grade home room teacher blush.

When do you have the best time doing in games? 

The best times I have are when plans come together. Whether they are PvE min/maxing output, or PvP plans/strategy that we use to overcome and dominate the play-scape. But honestly I stick around MMO’s for the in between fooling around segments. (

Favorite gaming memory?

So many memory’s, I’ll provide two. First one will be outside of LotD, but still Guild related. My first favorite gaming memory was when I was playing on Xbox Live in Ranked Matchmaking for Halo 3, dominated in a lobby and was asked to join my first gaming community. This is when I learned of gaming communities and the power they have to build friendships and entertaining gaming sessions.

My favorite LotD gaming memory will have to be our first Sieges in BDO. They would be my first full scale PVP experience with LotD and it was beautiful. I wept.   

Are you a dog or cat person?

Cats, obviously.