The vision of each member of the Lords of the Dead is the same. The idea is, in simple terms, a statement of the ultimate goal that darkness demands from each of its’ order. The vision is the embodiment of the phrase “Order through Chaos.” Lords of the Dead aims for no less than the total and unquestionable domination of our enemies.


The Lords of the Dead guild dominates virtual worlds by force, manipulation, or any other means necessary. The guild’s goal is to exert a large amount, if not total, influence in the PvP Community, and other appropriate sectors of the player population. To this end, we have spies, mules, and informants everywhere.
It’s all about control.

Coalitions & Alliances

Lords of the Dead has been known to form coalitions of other players and guilds. Alliances ensure that Lords of the Dead places itself in a position to influence a games economy, politics, and wars. Our members typically hold prominent positions so that guild interests are secured. Most coalitions are for the sole purpose of advancing the cause of evil in the game or holding other evil organizations in check. Preserving a games player vs. player balance is one of our highest priorities and Lords of the Dead will do whatever it takes to accomplish that.


Lords of the Dead is made up of gamers over eighteen years old, many much older than that. We value balancing real-life with gaming and try to be inclusive in our recruiting, promotion, and leadership roles.

We generally have little need for moderation because we adhere to these common-sense guidelines:

  • Respect the guild bylaws. Lords of the Dead has been around since 1995 because our members respect the rules and leadership policies are in place to deal with most scenarios.
  • Harassment, doxxing, and general bad behavior is not tolerated. Please report any instances of the above to a Warlord or Elder, we deal with these matters seriously.
  • Do not post¬†not safe for work¬†content outside of designated areas. Many of our members are working professionals and enjoy keeping in touch during our workdays.
  • Lords of the Dead participates in pre-alpha games which have non-disclosure agreements. Please do not breach our partners’ trust and share information without seeking permission through official channels.
  • Have fun, meet new people, play to win.

Contact Us

Discord: Valus#0941 or Iseng#6239