Guild History

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1 Minute Guild Overview

LotD was founded in 1995 and has dominated multiple MMORPG’s over the years. The guild is a mixture of quality hardcore and casual gamers whom we have retained over the past 24 years. Lords of the Dead has garnered respect for its successful history of PvP in every game it has played.

Darksun Online:

Lord Hades founded the guild between the Old NWN and the DSO gaming era. The guild rose to prominence as the premier PVP guild in the game by 1996. LotD was known for controlling PVP zones, charging access fees to uber areas, and success in organized PVP events. Outside of the safe City of Athas, LotD owned all the prime end game lands.

Once, the entire server organized to dislodge LotD from those areas, and it resulted in a 6 hour straight server brawl. When the smoke cleared LotD still owned all its lands, its treasury was still strong, and no one challenged the taxes we charged for for nearly a year. Lord Hades was the #1 single combat champion, and was still in the top 5 two years after LotD left the game.

Ultima Online:

LotD played on the Baja Server, and it was a founding member of the Player Killer Circle (PKC). LotD had over 200 castles, keeps, and houses that we used for supply, and tactical travel to conduct lightning strikes on our opponents. Ultimately the PKC won the Anti vs PK wars, and LotD moved on to other games. Hades Hall of Warfare on the Stratics network served as a central focus for the Warhall PVP portion of the site, and LotD served as a PVP representative to the UO Devs during the two and a half years LotD played UO.