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The Ruling Council of LotD (RCoD) is the ruling arm of LotD, and it is comprised of active members that hold the rank of Elder and Warlord. It is comprised of veteran core members who have proven to be worthy of guiding the guild. The Ruling Council will also elect from among them the LotD GM and AGM who retain voting rights as RCoD members. The Ruling Council shall be responsible for executing the plans and future gaming efforts put forth by the GM and to fill roles assigned to them by the GM. They are to create and, with the help of the GM and AGM, enforce guild law, dealing with member discipline beyond the chapter level. The RCoD can implement guild law through a majority vote and all by-laws created or changes made must be made public within 5 days of their ratification.

In the case of any tie votes within the Ruling Council, the GM will cast the deciding vote. The GM (or AGM) presides over the council and oversees their activities though interference or influence can be overturned by vote. The LotD GM, AGM, or Ruling Council will make all guild decisions. A majority vote is all that is necessary to pass any normal judgment, and a 75% majority is needed to overturn directives from the LotD GM or AGM. These judgements include member rank appointment, member discipline and guild law interpretation.


Guild Master (GM):


Assistant Guild Masters (AGM):


The Ruling Council of the Lords of the Dead (RCoD) :

Elders – Hades, Ren, Leshil, Valus, Palebrew, Iseng, Lakez

Warlords – Guilford, Gwhorg, Krevix, Piikaa

RCoD Requirements:

Must be active on discord and at least ONE of the following:

Participating in a current LotD project.

Managing a LotD Resource (guild funds, website, discord etc.)

Actively participating in a chapter


Active on the leadership team of a current chapter.

Warlord: Annual (1 year) re-revaluation

Each year a warlord must reapply for their rank by the 3rd week of January each calendar year.  If a warlord has attained the rank after May in a given Calendar year, they do not need to submit a retention application until the following calendar year.  A warlord may choose to not reapply and retain the rank of Lord, or petition to become an Elder.

Elders will consider these renewals on a yearly, individual basis each January.  A simple majority vote by Elders is required for a Warlord to retain their rank.  The application should be a simple list of things you did with the guild during the year and that you want to retain the rank of Warlord. 

If a Warlord does not obtain the necessary votes they retain the rank of Lord and may petition for Warlord again if they so choose the next calendar year.

Elder: Bi- annual (2 year) re-evaluation

If not meeting set requirements then the Elder is moved to Inactive Elder status.

If set to inactive, current Elders can after 6 months vote to reinstate the inactive Elder in question.  This is a case by case basis and may be shortened or extended based off of current needs or inactive Elders performance.

If elder is going to require a leave of absence greater than 4 months (health problems, deployment, etc.) they can declare themselves inactive and return at their own discretion within 1 ½ year’s.  Longer leave of absence will follow same protocol as above.