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The rank of Elder is given to members who have proven their worth by participating in our community.

Elders have proven their leadership abilities, have held leadership positions in one or more Game Chapters and should be given the utmost respect.


At least one year at the rank of Warlord.

At least two Game Chapters under their belt as officers or higher.

Repeated demonstration of leadership excellence, loyalty, and skill.

Petition Methods


The LotD GM or AGM may recommend a qualified Warlord to the ruling council for promotion to Elder. A 75% vote of the Elder component of the ruling council is required in order to approve the promotion recommendation.


Qualified Warlords, those who meet the above criteria, may submit an application to be granted the rank of Elder. If 75% of current Elders vote positively the rank of Elder may be assigned.

To apply, contact an individual with the rank Elder or higher.


Member of the Ruling Council

Elders are part of the Ruling Council and participate in creating/amending bylaws, rank application & appointment votes, and general guild management duties.

Gaming Chapter Management

Many of the games we play have complex political landscapes and Elders have proven their ability to navigate and execute guild relationships. Elders may form alliances, barter resources, and participate in the strategic planning for LotD Game Chapters.

This includes the ability to declare war or peace.

Recruitment & Training

Actively recruit new members for LotD and mentor existing members on how to advance in rank.

Rank Applications

Vote on rank advancement Applications as part of the Ruling Council.