Game Chapter Conduct & Discipline

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Leadership can take action to discipline, demote or remove any member who conducts himself in an improper way. Examples of Improper conduct may be, but are not limited to, slandering the guild publicly, inciting internal strife within the guild, insubordination, being a member of another guild in a game where LotD has an active presence, or tarnishing the guild’s image/name.

Chapter Leadership has the sole discretion of removing CMs or provisional’s as defined by their own member rules and regulations.

Discipline for members holding the rank of Lord, Veteran, or Warlord
If a core member is gaming in a chapter and needs to be removed from the chapter for discipline reasons, then the rules for removing chapter member apply. If the member is removed from the chapter, they will face additional penalties if they continue to involve themselves in chapter activities.

If core member is brought up on charges that warrant full guild removal or demotion, then the following procedure will be used:

1: Any Lord (or Veteran) may call for the removal or demotion of a member from the guild. Lords (or Veterans) must be prepared to provide substantial evidence of the member’s transgressions. Falsely suing for the removal of another member is grounds for removal.
2: An official complaint charge will be filed by an Elder in the formal complaints forum. The accused member will be allowed to post 1 rebuttal argument unless granted permission by the GM or AGM to make additional posts.
3: Additional discussions may be held with the member in order to reach a solution to the issues. If a solution is reached, the complaint will be closed out with a note about how the issue was resolved. If no solution can be reached, the Elder may then call for a private vote to demote, dismiss, or drop the charges against the core member. A simple majority vote that lasts no longer than 72 hours will be the deciding factor.
4: No complaint will be left open for more than 5 days. If a complaint needs more time to be resolved, then the Elder who brings the charges must request more time for a resolution to be reached. If that time is not granted, the charges will be dismissed. The GM or AGM will close out each complaint post as the resolutions are reached, and provide a summary of the course of action that was decided on a particular case.

In cases of gross betrayal or serious harm to the guild, the Council of Elders may opt to call a closed meeting to discuss the issue. If it is found that there is sufficient evidence to warrant removal, the Elders may, for the good of the guild, remove the member(s) immediately, bypassing the normal complaint process. This is an extreme measure and is only to be used in the most dire of circumstances.

Removal – Involuntary
Any CM that is removed from the guild via a disciplinary action may be forever barred from returning to LotD. Such persons will not have site, forum, or voice communication access, and will not be allowed to participate in guild activities.