Game Chapter Inactivity

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A CM or ranking LotD member, upon wishing to stop playing a game for any reason or will be absent for longer than thirty days, but still desires to game with the guild in the future must petition his Chapter GM in the appropriate forum for permission to go inactive. The chapter GM will review the member’s performance, and will make a decision. If the CGM rejects the petition for inactivity, the member may appeal the RCoD who will review the situation and provide a final ruling.

CMs who have official inactive status will lose access to all chapter forums, and their membership category will be switched to “Inactive”. The only private forum they will retain access to will be the private “Chapter Member News & Beta” forum until they actively join another chapter. Ranking LotD members will be able to view core LotD forums, but not individual chapter forums.

While inactive, a member may NOT join another guild on any server in the game he went inactive from. The member is also prohibited from joining another guild in a game where LotD has a chapter presence. Violation of this clause shall result in immediate dismissal from the chapter and guild.

If a member does not petition for inactive status, but simply disappears for longer than thirty days, he shall be removed from the guild. Those in prior good standing wishing to rejoin the guild in the same game may do so at the discretion of the CGM. Those wishing to join the guild in another game must reapply and repeat any provisional term.