Game Chapter Leadership

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LotD has created an official structure for sanctioned guild gaming chapters. A sanctioned chapter must have an active Elder or Warlord serving as Chapter Sponsor (CS). Each sub-chapter operates under LotD by-laws, but may create chapter-specific rules and policies beyond these laws. Chapters are also granted internal leadership positions to be defined by and filled by the CS.

Required Official Guild Structure: 

Chapter Sponsor – Member with the rank of Elder or Warlord within LotD who is not marked inactive
Chapter Leader – To be appointed by or filled by the CS, referred to as the Chapter GM or CGM
Chapter Assistant Guild Leaders – To be defined and filled by the CGM or CS
Chapter Members – Anyone not defined by the above positions

CS, CGM and Chapter Assistant Guild Leaders are collectively referred to as Chapter Leadership.

Chapter Leadership is responsible for their own chapter’s recruiting (but must apply to the regulations set forth in SECTION VII), public relations, discipline (with exceptions defined in SECTION V). The RCoD, GM and AGM will ensure that each chapter is operating within the parameters established by the LotD by-laws and LotD policy, but will not intervene in the affairs of chapters unless that chapter leadership needs to be removed , to support and reinforce the chapter leadership, or in cases where the chapter leadership is failing to enforce guild standards.

The Chapter Leadership is also responsible for maintaining a roster listing name, date joined, position, status and date left for each member of the chapter.

Chapter Leadership is designated by the CS, and that CS can only be overridden by the LotD RCoD or by direct intervention by the LotD GM. All Chapter members who hold the guild rank of Chapter Member or higher are eligible to serve in chapter leadership.