Game Chapter Membership

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Provisional status, CM status, or an LotD rank of Lord or higher is required for to join in a Lords of the Dead gaming chapter. Applications or tests of skill are to be defined and required by Chapter Leadership upon the start of a chapter.

Age restrictions apply to LotD as a whole due to the mature nature of modern gaming and our guild as a whole and, as such, has a set age requirement of eighteen years.

No exceptions will be made for members under the age of sixteen but exceptions can be made if:
1: The Chapter Leadership decides it would be of benefit to the chapter to allow slightly younger members. A majority vote by the RCoD is required.
2: The Chapter Leadership decides that they wish to accept a single member under the age of eighteen. A waiver must be issued by the GM or AGM.
3: Children of members in good standing within a chapter. In the case of their being accepted, it is the responsibility of the parent to monitor the actions of, and take responsibility for the actions of, their child.