Game Chapter Recruitment

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1: Chapter Leadership will require the reading of all LotD by-laws by provisional and CMs.
2: The reading of any chapter-specific literature and laws as defined by the Chapter Leadership.
3: A written application or test of skill as defined by the Chapter Leadership, to be made available in that chapter’s general forum.
4: Downloading of the current voice communication system and all requirements set by the Chapter Leadership or RCoD therein.

Once accepted, it is the responsibility of the member to integrate themselves to the guild. LotD is a team-oriented organization and quickly assimilate members who are working toward chapter goals. There is little tolerance for individuals and their attempting to annex themselves from the guild by; starting drama, causing problems with other members and individuals who think themselves and their goals more important than the whole. All provisional members and CMs will be trained to standards required by the Chapter Leadership as defined or as made policy by the GM.