Guild Master

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The Guild Master (GM) of LotD is the highest-ranking officer and administrator in the guild.


The rank of Guild Master can only be attained or revoked by a majority vote from the Ruling Council.

If the Guild Master role is resigned or revoked a replacement must be voted on within thirty days of its official vacancy. The member who held the position will once again become a member of the Ruling Council with the ability to vote so long as they are not deemed inactive.

An Elder may only hold the title of Guild Master.


Guild Image & Reputation

LotD has a solid reputation as one of the oldest and most successful MMO PvP gaming guilds. Any decisions which may impact this reputation are under the purview of the Guild Master and subject to their feedback.

Disciplinary Actions

From time to time disciplinary action must be taken against guild members. As the highest-ranking official, the Guild Master will step in to handle poor gaming performance, relationship friction, or the breaking of guild bylaws.

Game Chapter Development & Mentorship

Although Elders and Warlords are expected to form Game Chapters the Guild Master may influence a number of decisions including chapter leadership assignments, what games are appropriate to use our guild name in, and when to close a chapter.

The Guild Master is also responsible for keeping an eye on the gaming market and looking for opportunities for LotD to participate in future games.

Rank Promotions

The Guild Master may assign any rank to a guild member at any time, however, the Ruling Council can vote to override the decision after the fact.