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Lord is the first rank within LotD and is granted through an application process.


At least three months in good standing with the guild.

Positive contributions towards the guild in a Game Chapter or community.

Demonstrate some knowledge of guild bylaws and Game Chapter structure.

Petition Methods


The Guild Master or Assistant Guild Master may grant the rank of Lord to members who have surpassed the criteria above. If 75% of current Elders vote against this appointment the rank must be revoked.


Qualified candidates that meet the above criteria may submit an application to be granted the rank of Lord. If 50% of current Warlords and Elders vote positively, the rank of Lord is assigned.

To apply, contact an individual with rank Warlord or higher.


Contribute Positively Towards Game Chapters

Lords should strive to set a good example within Gaming Chapters by contributing time, resources, and their good attitude towards achieving guild goals.