Non-Voting Warlord

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Non-voting Warlords will retain their rank and be given due respect for previous achievement as well as being given the opportunity to provide feedback on all guild issues. In regards to inactivity, reinstatement to full Warlord status requires a majority of the Elder portion of the RCoD to vote after a 6 month period of reactivity has passed after petitioned by the inactive warlord.

Non-Voting Warlords may petition the Ruling Council for reinstatement to Warlord


An Warlord shall be designated as non-voting if that Warlord has not served as a Chapter Sponsor, Co-Sponsor, has not served in a chapter leadership position of any rank, has not been active on discord while participating in a chapter or general guild activities within the last 12 months or has had a bad return of investment for two chapters.

Warlords deemed bad concerning their return of investment shall be considered for demotion to the rank of Lord or lower, requiring a majority vote by individuals holding Elder rank or higher.


Removed From the Ruling Council

Non-Voting Warlords have given up or lost their ability to vote as part of the Ruling Council.