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Warlords have shown dedication to the guild and possess strong leadership skills. Although they participate in the Ruling Council, they do not have the same voting rights as Elders.


At least the rank of Lord.

At least one year of good standing within a Game Chapter.

At least four months of positive leadership experience in one or more Game Chapters.

Demonstrate working knowledge of guild bylaws and how to set up new Game Chapters.

Petition Methods


The Guild Master may grant the rank of Warlord to members who have surpassed the criteria above. If 75% of current Elders vote against this appointment the rank must be revoked.


Qualified Lords that meet the above criteria may submit an application to be granted the rank of Warlord. If 75% of current Elders vote positively, the rank of Warlord is assigned.

To apply, contact an individual with rank Elder or higher.


Member of the Ruling Council

Warlords are part of the Ruling Council and participate in creating/amending bylaws, rank application & appointment votes, and general guild management duties.

A Warlords vote is weighed differently from that of an Elder. Warlords may vote towards members advancing towards the rank of Lord, however, their vote towards all other subjects are weighed at 50%. For example, a Warlord may vote on a bylaw change but their vote is one-half the vote of an Elder, Assistant Guild Master, or Guild Master.

Gaming Chapter Management

Warlords are expected to be officers in existing Game Chapters and are responsible for forming new Game Chapters.

This includes the ability to declare war or peace.

Recruitment & Training

Actively recruit new members for LotD and mentor existing members on how to advance in rank.

Rank Applications

Vote on rank advancement applications as part of the Ruling Council.