Retired RCoD

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Warlords and Elders who have retired from their position retain their rank of “Retired RCoD” and are given due respect and gratitude for their previous contributions to LotD.

If a Warlord or Elder is no longer able to fulfil their responsibilities (i.e. inactivity, unable to sponsor chapters, etc.) they may voluntarily petition for their retirement. If their situation changes, retired RCoD members in good standing may petition for reinstatement (see Criteria below).

Though uncommon, a Warlord or Elder may be involuntarily moved to Retired RCoD by a majority vote of RCoD members. (i.e. inactivity, poor performance, etc.)

Criteria for Reinstatement

Warlords and Elders in good standing who wish to be reinstated may petition after they have been active 6+ months in the community.


While Retired RCoD members do not carry any additional responsibilities, they may be called upon to provide their valuable input and experience to issues current RCoD members are considering.