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Lord is the second rank within LotD and is granted through an appointment process.


Currently holds the rank of Lord.

At least two chapters in good standing with the guild.

Demonstrates knowledge of guild bylaws and Game Chapter structure.

Repeated contributions and continuously works to make the guild a better place. Examples include (but not limited to):

  • Repeatedly serves in chapter leadership
  • Helps with guild maintenance / jobs (i.e. website, social media, Discord)
  • Regularly streams and promotes the guild
  • Organizes guild events
  • Dependable and helps members in need

Petition Methods

Appointment Only

Warlord (or higher) may nominate appointment to Veteran for members who meet the criteria above. If 50% of current Warlords and Elders vote positively, the rank of Veteran is provisionally granted, pending the Lords acceptance (see Responsibilities below).

Responsibilities & Perks

The rank of Veteran carries additional expectations and Lords should consider carefully before accepting the appointment:

  • Continued positive contribution
  • Participation in a game, if playing with LotD in a sanctioned chapter

As a Veteran, individuals are able to:

  • Though not required to apply, Veteran’s are able to “sponsor” new Lords applying to join the community
  • Comment (single) on Lord and Warlord applications